Are Mavic Cycling Shoes Any Good?

We can give you just the short answer, which is yes. But we can’t do that to you, our loyal audiences.

Every cyclist wants to have high-quality pairs that can improve their performance while feeling comfortable and well-protected.

Mavic has a big reputation for producing some of the best cycling shoes in the market.

Let us tell you and show you why we think Mavic cycling shoes are good. 

Then you can decide for yourself and see if you agree or disagree with us.

About Mavic

This company is a France-based bicycle manufacturer. It was founded in 1889, by two French brothers, Léon and Laurent Vielle.

Its real name is Manufacture d’Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel. 

This name was given to the company after Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel took the risk and started a new business from the one that was already established by the two brothers.

Now, Mavic offers a large range of options for different cyclists with high-quality materials and innovative technologies.

Because we mentioned technology, let’s get a little deep into the technology that Mavic uses for their cycling shoes;


Mavic Energy Grip Terra outsole is a very special technology that provides an amazing grip and power transfer straight to the pedals.

It also allows your feet to have that natural flex and movement for a more comfortable and efficient ride.

The Ergo Fit 3D OrthoLite insole was designed specifically to provide customized support by putting different densities of foam in strategic areas.

For the closure system, Mavic uses Ergo Dial QR which is very quick, it also allows you to easily adjust while riding.


Mavic cycling shoes have combined many factors, including the ones we mentioned above, to be able to give you the best fit you can have; which is comfortable and well-protected.

These cycling shoes are even designed to keep your feet dry for those of you who go on long rides. Honestly, this is crazy!

Including the technology used that we just mentioned above, Mavic cycling shoes are designed with ventilation, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties to prevent overheating and sweating.


Many factors contribute to the durability of Mavic cycling shoes. 

First the technology used for both the closure system and the outsole, they are produced with high-quality materials.

So you can only imagine how effective they are, and when used well they will for sure last for ages.

In the construction of their cycling shoes, they put a lot of attention to the details, in design, materials, technology, etc… 

They have used carbon fibers, which are both lightweight and durable, just to make sure that their cycling shoes can take the rigors of long rides and intense use.

Many of you may not know this but Mavic cycling shoes go through careful testing to ensure their durability. 

They test them in their labs and also on the road, from easy to rough ones, just to see if they can withstand real-world usage and if they will last.

Once you know a little about Mavic and how they made their cycling shoes let’s discuss now some other features;

How Do Mavic Cycling Shoes Fit?
How do Mavic cycling shoes fit

Mavic has put a lot of consideration into their cycling shoes, especially how they would fit their customers.

Thanks to the consideration and attention to detail that Mavic cycling shoes are known for, their cycling shoes have this amazing, comfortable, and snug fit; 

Which allows you to have a great power transfer from your foot straight to the pedals.

They’ve also added so many features to their cycling shoes to give us, customers, that excellent fit. We will mention some for you;

  • Laces: Most Mavic cycling shoes use traditional laces, those help in customizing the fit just by adjusting the tightness of the laces to your preferences.
  • Dial: This closure system that Mavic cycling shoes come with allows you, cyclists and riders, to easily adjust the fit on the fly. It’s called Ergo Dial QR.
  • Insole: Mavic has designed its insoles, Mavic’s Ergo Fit 3D OrthoLite insole, which is designed to give your feet customized support and comfort. (We talked about them above)

We know that some are asking this next question “Are Mavic cycling shoes wide?” 

  • Width: Mavic cycling shoes come with a wide range of widths to serve different foot shapes. For us cyclists, this will make it easy to find the perfect fit for our foot shape, regardless of width.

We also have another article where we gave you a size guide for Mavic cycling shoes that may be useful to you right now.

How Much Are Mavic Cycling Shoes?

how much are Mavic cycling shoes

Mavic cycling shoes are regarded to be on the higher end when it comes to pricing.

The price of these cycling shoes varies depending on a lot of characteristics.

for example, the model of the shoe features that it has on, the materials used, the level of technology it has, etc…

But typically, the price of Mavic cycling shoes in retail stores goes from 150$ to 400$ depending on what we just brought up.

We have gotten so many questions about Mavic cycling shoes which we guess we answer all of them and this one too.

We had made a comparison between some Mavic cycling shoes that you may be interested in. You can read them by clicking here.

However, we feel like we can’t let our audiences go without re-answering this question in this article too. You’ll find it below.

Before we conclude, let’s do a little recap of this article.

We’ve started by telling you about the history and information of Mavic cycling shoes; 

Went through the technology used, and how they can be that comfortable and durable at the same time.

Then tried to answer some of our frequently asked questions about these cycling shoes. 

I guess now we can say that we proved to you why we and you think Mavic cycling shoes. Don’t you agree?

Q: Are Mavic Cycling Shoes Narrow?

A: Mavic has some cycling shoes that come a little narrower and pointer. However, it offers a wide range of widths, as we mentioned above, to accommodate multiple foot shapes. Therefore we can’t consider them narrow.

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