Bontrager Vs Shimano Shoes

As a cyclist, you know that cycling shoes are so crucial when it comes to your performance.

It makes a big difference, that’s why when choosing your footwear, you are probably confused and lost especially if it’s your first pair.

That’s why you be looking for some cycling shoes from the biggest brands in the industry.

So today’s brands will be Bontrager and Shimano. Both these two offer a variety of cycling shoes for different types of cycling.

However, which one should you go for? This article will be your guide to so. So make sure to stick with us till the end.

About Bontrager & Shimano

Shimano and Bontrager have a big reputation and are well-known in the cycling shoe market.

While these two brands differ in their origins, they are both known for manufacturing high-quality products that satisfy their customer’s needs.

They both have been in the cycling shoe industry for decades now and they, of course, established their names as leaders in the cycling shoe market.

About Shimano,

About Shimano

Shimano is a Japanese cycling shoes brand, that was founded in 1921.

It has a long history of producing bicycle components and accessories.

Shimano first entered the cycling shoe market in the 1980s, and since then it has become one of the bigger cycling shoe brands in the world.

This company is known for many things, like its attention to detail and its focus on improving your performance.

With a variety of cycling shoes that are designed for all types of cycling, from mountain biking to road cycling.

About Bontrager

About Bontrager

As for Bontrager, this was founded by Keith Bontrager, 1980, a pioneer in the mountain biking world.

This company started from the bottom, in a small garage-based operation, but he had a big vision.

It didn’t take long to become a global company that manufactures different cycling gear.

From shoes, helmets, and apparel. Bontrager is known for its innovative designs and the use of only high-quality materials.

Their cycling shoes are both comfortable and high-performing.

Comparison Between Bontrager & Shimano Shoes

Now that we have some kind of brand overview of these two companies, we will get into the real stuff.

In this section, we will go through a detailed comparison between these brands to discover what makes each one unique.

Therefore, you can have a better understanding of what each one can help you with so you can decide which one to choose based on your own needs and preferences.

But before we do, we would like to recommend this video to y’all. So please click here to watch it.

Materials & Design


Normally, the upper part of the cycling shoe is produced with synthetic or natural materials which are both breathable and durable.

However, both Shimano and Bontrager use a wide range of materials to make the upper, and in some models, they mix materials to improve your performance.

So, Bontrager cycling shoes are usually made with a combination of synthetic leather and mesh, which helps them provide a balance of breathability and durability.

But not all models are made like this, for example, the Bontrager Velocis features a seamless upper design for a more comfortable fit.

As for Shimano shoes, this company uses multiple materials for their uppers, which include synthetic leather, mesh, and also microfiber.

Like the Shimano S-Phyre RC902, a high-end shoe is made with a microfiber material that is lightweight and breathable, its construction provides maximum comfort.


Typically, the sole of cycling shoes is often made from stiff materials to give you that support and power transfer while pedaling.

Bontrager XXX Road, a top-end shoe, comes with a full carbon sole that is both lightweight and still provides amazing power transfer.

The sole also features the Bontrager Powerline carbon technology which shares force more evenly over the foot for improved efficiency.

And as for Shimano S-Phyre RC902, the high-end shoe, it is sole uses a full carbon sole that gives maximum rigorousness and efficient transfer of power.

It is created with a hollow core that minimizes weight and adds ventilation and breathability.

Closure System

The closure system is what helps keep your foot secure in your cycling shoes.

It impacts both your comfort and performance. These two brands use multiple close systems for their biking shoes. Some also provide a better-customized fit.

Bontrager cycling shoes come with a Boa closure system, which uses a wired system and a dial to stiffen the shoe around your feet levelly.

They use models like the Velocis and others come with a Velcro strap for more security.

On the other hand, Shimano cycling shoes is known for using multiple closure system, like Boa, Velcro, and also ratchet straps.

And as for the S-Phyre RC902, this one uses two Boa dials so it provides you with a more precise and adjustable fit, they also feature a Velcro strap to secure the front of the shoes.

Fit & Sizing

Both Shimano & Bontrager provide multiple sizes and widths for all types and foot shapes, from half sizes to extra-wide, and also some features to give a more customized fit.

Shimano cycling shoes provide a lot of widths and sizes. However, they already have a reputation for producing narrow fits, which helps riders with narrow feet.

But for us, cyclists with wider feet, we find some difficulty with them.

Bontrager, on the other hand, is known for manufacturing comfortable cycling shoes, They also can accommodate multiple foot shapes.

In addition, their cycling shoes are often true to size, however, it is always better to give them a try before making a purchase.

Performance and Comfort

This is Shimano and Bontrager’s specialty. These two big brands both offer high-quality cycling shoes, which are made to improve your performance on the road.

Bontrager shoes are super comfortable, many of their models offer a more relaxed fit that is perfect for long rides.

They often come with large ventilation, which gives you the choice to even wear them with no socks.

And as for Shimano, their cycling shoes are performance-focused, they give you stiffness that assists you to maximize power transfer.

They are also comfortable, they feature a microfiber upper that goes along with the shape of your feet and a padded tongue that adds more comfort.


is so important too when it comes to us, cyclists, we want to invest in cycling shoes that can be used for seasons.

Big brands know that customers want something high-quality, helps in performance, and can also last for us.

That’s why we find, companies like Bontrager and Shimano, who use high-quality materials, like synthetic leather and mesh, that help their products last.

Bontrager shoes, for example, also feature reinforced toe boxes and hell cups to offer added protection and durability.

And as for Shimano cycling shoes, their shoes are also made with synthetic leather but they add carbon fiber to keep them strong and lightweight too.


If you want your cycling shoes to last and offer you the best experience possible.

You have to take good care of them, proper maintenance counts too when it comes to prolonging the cycle of your cycling shoes.

And both Brontager and Shimano shoes are easy to maintain, both their shoes can be cleaned just by using a damp cloth and some mild soap.

Make sure to avoid any harsh chemicals, they may damage your shoe materials.

In addition, both companies provide replacement parts, like insoles and straps, so you won’t have to buy a new shoe each time.

Similarities & Differences

Surprisingly enough, Shimano & Bontrager have some things in common, so in this section, we would be discussing just that.

Similarities  Differences
Both durable and easily maintained Bontrager uses nylon soles, while Shimano uses stiff carbon soles for extra power transfer
They help improve your performance and are comfortable Shimano shoes have narrow fits, and Bontrager cycling shoes accommodate your foot shape
Wide range of cycling shoe styles Shimano cycling shoes are more expensive than Bontrager
Offers multiple sizes and widths 


Before we conclude, we can’t forget to mention some pros & cons of each brand.

Bontrager Shimano
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Fit with different foot shapes Doesn’t provide a lot of high-end options Innovative sole technology A little expensive
¨Pretty affordable Need to update its sole technology Too many options to choose from Known for their narrow fit
Super comfortable Limited color options Built to last Doesn’t offer much customization 


In this article, we have compared two of the most popular companies in the cycling shoe industry, Bontrager & Shimano.

We started by giving you their history, then we passed to the comparison where we compared every single detail about them.

We have also highlighted their weaknesses and strengths in terms of performance, comfort, price, and durability; the more important factors.

Once you have all this knowledge about these two right here, you are now capable of making your decision.

In the end, each one of us has our preferences and needs that we want to satisfy.

Therefore, make sure to take your time when making this decision.

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