Bontrager VS Specialized Shoes ( Complete Comparaison )

In this big market, you will find a lot of shoes. However, this doesn’t mean that you will find the perfect pair of shoes with the combination of weight, performance, and price that you’re looking for.

Bontrager and Specialized are two of the oldest brands in this industry. They both are very popular among professional athletes.

Considering the quality of shoes they provide to their customers and their unwavering attention to detail so their users can have an amazing experience.

In this article, we will be comparing these two brands. Therefore, make sure to read the whole post.

Who Makes Bontrager Shoes?

The Bontrager brand came from the name of the founder of the brand Keith Bontrager, He started making a name for himself as an engineer. 

Keith Bontrager began his journey, in 1980, in his garage located in Santa Cruz, California.

He had some new ideas and construction methods that he tested, his commitment to quality and his preciseness to details kept him improving his brand and he’s now guiding Bontrager’s development process.

Who Invented Specialized Bicycle Components?

In 1974, a rider named Mike Sinyard began by importing Italian bike pieces that were hard to find in the US. 

In 1976, the company started manufacturing its bicycle pieces. In 1981, they introduced their first two bikes, a sport touring and a road bike.

However, the Specialized company does not just produce bikes only, they also make some shoes that are also popular.

Their shoes are some of the best shoes in this industry. They are used by most professional athletes out there.

Once we have an idea about the history of each brand, let’s do some in-depth comparison as we promised you to;

Bontrager VS Specialized Shoes┃Pros & Cons

Picking Bontrager Shoes: Pros & Cons

There are multiple reasons someone would consider choosing Bontrager shoes instead of Specialized shoes. The first thing everyone pays attention to is the great design.

However, let’s go through the actual pros;

Pros of Bontrager Shoes :

Bontrager offers a Boa dial on top linked with a Velcro strap above the toe box that makes it easy for you to find the right fit. Furthermore, their dials are easy to adjust and very well placed.

Bontrager utilizes a nylon composite sole along with their Power Truss design, which uses the lowest quantity of materials to give you the best performance. Which is above average.

They also never forget to deliver the comfort needed while riding. You will even feel comfortable after using them for a whole day. Thanks to the combination of stiffness and weight that Bontrager provides.

In addition to all this, and with all these features that Bontrager supplies their customers (You) with. They are still affordable for almost everyone.

Cons of Choosing Bontrager Shoes

To be honest with you all, Bontrager shoes don’t have that many cons, except the fact that they don’t use the stiffest sole in their shoes.

Picking Specialized Shoes: Pros & Cons

Unlike Bontrager shoes, Specialized shoes have some of the stiffest soles out there. However, let’s go through the whole pros;

Pros of Specialized Shoes :

  • Specialized designs shoes with a thick synthetic material which gives a lot of comfort and circulating air. Therefore, your feet don’t get all sweaty.
  • Their closure system contains three offset Velcro straps to guarantee the right fit for almost all foot shapes.
  • Specialized shoes utilize a nylon composite sole that was made to increase efficiency and stop injuries.
  • Specialized shoes have always made sure to give their users the best performance possible at an affordable price.
  • However, they are not like Bontrager shoes. You can only use them for a quick cycling class or a short ride.

Cons of Specialized Shoes :

  • You will have a hard time finding the right fit, because of the velcro closure system that puts a little pressure on your toes. 
  • Besides this, Specialized shoes are great, and to confirm this, these shoes are used and very popular amongst popular athletes.
  • Let’s now compare the insoles of each brand’s shoes;

Bontrager VS Specialized Insoles┃Who has The Best Insoles?

Bontrager VS Specialized Insoles

Both Bontrager and Specialized have developed great insoles for their customers. 

They are both designed to increase power, that’s by delivering complete foot support to the riders.

In addition to this, Bontrager and Specialized have a technology that gives the users the best performance while still providing them with the comfort needed.



Before we finish this article, let’s answer some of your frequently asked questions;

Is Bontrager a Good Brand?

Bontrager is well known for making quality, innovative pieces and also some great accessories for the rider. So our answer is Yes.

Are Bontrager Shoes Good?

As mentioned above, Bontrager delivers some high-quality shoes so their customers can have a great performance. 

Their shoes also look good and are comfortable.


To conclude, both brands have high-performance shoes that are affordable to almost everyone. The two provide high-quality shoes, their shoes are comfortable and lightweight.

However, we kind of like Bontrager shoes more because of the all-day comfort that they give.

In case you have some questions and need to know some more information. Make sure to ask us in the comment section.

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