Cycling Cleat Types

When we first started riding bikes, we never asked what bike shoe cleat types are compatible with our pedals? Or, how many types of bicycle clips are there? We just rode our bikes with flat pedals. 

That’s what we suggest to all beginners, there is no need for you to worry about what types of bike pedal cleats are suitable for your bike?

However, for all the advanced and professional cyclists, you all need to start using cleats and clips that are compatible with your pedals for a better experience.

In this article, we will show you all the cycling shoe clip types that are most popular and their characteristics.

What are the most popular bike cleats types?

There are a lot of types of cycling clips to choose from in the market.

So make sure to stick with us till the end to find out about the most liked ones and their qualities;

SPD Cleats : 

The two-bolt cleats work best for mountain and all-terrain riding, these types of cycling clips are known for their durability, they are also easy to clip into pedals.

SPD-SL Cleats : 

SPD-SL cleats, also known as the “three-bolt” cleats, have a cleat pedal combination for cyclists who desire a wider platform. They pretty much look like Look cleats.

These types of pedal cleats have great pedal security, they give a comfortable feel and provide an efficient power transfer for a powerful stroke.

Look Keo :  

Look Keo cleats are “three-bolt” cleats, they possess a wide platform which makes them compatible with most road shoes.

This type of bike clips is popular between track cyclists because it is created to give maximum power transfer. They are strong and solid, however they are hard to clip out.

As SPD-SL, these cleats are slippery and you will have a difficult time walking with them.

Wahoo Speedplay : 

These bike pedal clip types were one of the most popular cleat designs, Speedplay were outdated but Wahoo came and relaunched the brand.

They are well for road riding, also unique because they are four-bolt cleats, that’s what makes them compatible with almost all road shoes that can use three-bolt cleats.


Regarding Crank Brothers cleats, their new cleats give the best experience for each rider, they just introduced easy release cleats that are even easier to clip in and out.

However, this type of cycling clips are just compatible with their own pedals, and have “two-bolt” cleats which makes it very easy to attach them in and out.

Let’s get some frequently asked questions out the way before we conclude this article;


Why Use Cleats For Cycling?

Cyclists use cleats so their feet can stay clipped to the pedals because this increases your pedaling efficiency, which gives you more power into your pedal stroke.

What Are The Two Types of Cycling Cleats?

There are two types of cycling cleats out there; There is the two-bolt system and the three-bolt system. 

What Are The Different Types of Clipless Pedals?

There are two types of bike pedal cleats; SPD-SL are used for road cycling, while SPD are known as mountain bike pedals. 

Are All Bike Cleats The Same?

All bicycle cleats types are different from one another, some can be used with two-bots and three-bots pedal systems.  However, many cycling shoe clip types are used with only one of the pedal systems.

Are Cycling Cleats Dangerous?

We can’t deny the risk involved in using cleats. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t provide a better experience from just flats.  Therefore, you will get some scratches and bruises but most trips end with no serious injuries.

What Are The Different Types of Cleats?

The four different types of bike cleats are : Molded, Metal, Turf, and Interchangeable.

Is Peloton SPD or Delta?

Peloton bikes use Delta compatible cleats. They are compatible with their shoes, you can also use any pair with a three screw hole setup. Peloton advises their customers to utilize the pedals that the bike comes with for a great experience.


As a cyclist, you will eventually have to figure out everything about cycling cleats, from the cleat types to what types of bike clip in shoes? That is what this article is for.

In case you have any confusion or questions, you can leave them below for us to answer.

Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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