Each rider has their preferences when it comes to cycling items, depending on their style of movement and where they are practicing the cycling trip.

To have that one only extraordinary cycling trip, you must choose the perfect cycling items for you.

In this post, we will be mentioning a lot about DELTA Vs SPD CLEATS , as they are the main factors in the cycling sport.

To know what Delta cleats vs SPD and the differences between the two can help you to choose correctly your perfect requirement.

So, let’s dig right into it to distinguish the variation of SPD vs Delta cleats.

SPD Cleats VS Delta | simple ways to know the difference 


The SPD system has been developed by the very popular cycling brand, Shimano! to offer you the ultimate power you need while riding.

The SPD cleats are playing a major role in that matter, and they are created with their famous two holes in the shape of a slender cleat.

It is important to know that these two holes’ shape only goes with specific pedals too.

On the other hand, the Delta cleats are also pretty known among many bikers enthusiasts, as they also give you a height cycle performance.

These specific cleats are popular for their triangle shape, with a 3 holes system that also requires a unique shape of pedals, many brands use that particular cleat, such as Peloton and Look cycling brands.

Now that we talked enough about SPD and Delta cleats, what about their pedals? 

Do they have the same characteristics?

Let’s find that out:

SPD Vs Delta Pedals: 

SPD Vs Delta Pedals 

As we have seen earlier, both SPD and Delta have various types of cleats.

The same thing goes for their pedals.

As we’re digging into Delta pedals Vs SPD, you will know that each one of them has a specific character.

The SPD pedals come compatible with their shoe cleats, the only issue is you can not distinguish the 2 holes cleat pedal right away, as they have the shape of a different pedal at the first sight.

But don’t worry, the moment you click your shoes into your pedals, they will fit just perfectly.

For a much easier application, check out this video linked down below for the SPD pedals : 

The same thing goes for the Delta pedals, their shoes and pedals cleats may look nothing like each other, but just trust it and click the two together and you’re good to go.

For more clarification, we are giving you an example with the Peloton brand as they have also Delta cleats: 

So for Delta Vs SPD, you can see the difference.

But we are glad to let you know that even if you have Delta cleats in your shoes and SPD pedals or vice versa, you can still clip in and clip out the cleats until you find the matching one for you.

SPD clips Vs Delta: 

SPD clips Vs Delta

The cleats and the clips may be confusing a lot of people, as they think they are the same.

But don’t worry, the distinction between the two is very simple: the clips are the very small part inside the cleats and they are made of metal.

They’re the ones who played the big rule in clipping into the pedals.

And for the Delta Vs SPD clips, there’s not much difference. 

For the SPD, they only have 2 holes that are called 2 bolts.

And for the Delta, they are 3 bolts.

Now, we are going to expand more and have a clue about the LOOK brand’s cleats in the following paragraphs.

LOOK Delta Vs SPD | Let’s Known More

As we’ve seen before, the SPD system has been developed by the Shimano brand.

And for this kind of Delta cleats, are designed by the very known cycling brand, LOOK.

For the SPD vs Look Delta, we are letting you know that they can not be compatible, as Look Delta has the 3 bolts system. The SPD only has 2 bolts.

And if you have different cleats, all you have to do is find your pedals that can go with your current cleats and clip them together.

Let’s see now if the same thing goes for the SPD-SL.


You may be confused and think that the SPD system and SPD-SL are the same, but that’s not the truth.

SPD-SL is completely different from SPD, the only thing they have in common is the first 3 letters.

The SPD-SL is working just like the LOOK Delta, as they also have the 3 holes that make the 3 bolts system, and they go perfect with all the Delta shoes’ cleats, or pedals.

You won’t have any difficulty with the SPD-SL system, as a lot of cycling brands use it in their cleats, so you have a variety of options to choose from.

LOOK Delta pedals Vs SPD:

The LOOK Delta pedals consist of the 3 bolts cleats, which are designed for wider pedals for better floating and comfort.

The SPD system is perfect for mountain biking and indoor biking, and their pedals are having the 2 bolts cleats that can only go with similar ones.

So, LOOK Delta pedals can be largely different from SPD’s ones.

LOOK DELTA CLIPS VS SPD | Let’s Find Out The Difference

To answer that question, it is more practical to have a demonstration of how to clip each of the Look Delta and SPD cleats.

So, here you have it attached down below: 

LOOK at Delta clips: 

SPD clips:

Let’s find out if it’s the same for Shimano’s.


Because of their design and float degree, the cycling performance can change completely.

Both Look delta and Shimano have float degrees that are different from each other, but they both have high and powerful performance when it comes to how their cleats and pedals are designed.

They can only be different when it comes to their cleats system, as for Look they are adapting the 3 bolts system, and for Shimano, it is mostly 2 bolts, except for a few designs like the SPD-SL.

They also can be different in their: weight, appearance, brand affiliation, and their cleats.

Now, let’s see if the two are matching and can go with each other.

Are Look Delta cleats compatible with Shimano pedals?

The easy answer to this question is: No. The Look delta cleats are not compatible with Shimano pedals.

And that’s because their clears system is completely different.

Except if you choose the 3 bolts system in Shimano’s items that can go along with the Look delta.

You can check our article ” CAN YOU USE SHIMANO SHOES WITH LOOK PEDALS ? “

In this following paragraph, we will be answering your most common questions:

What is the difference between SPD and Delta cleats?

The only difference between the two is their cleats system. 2 bolts for the SPD and 3 bolts for the Delta.


Are look delta and SPD-SL compatible?

You can clip your look delta into SPD-SL, but it is not the perfect fit always.

Are delta cleats compatible with SPD?

The delta cleats are not compatible with SPD unless you changed the shoe or pedal’s cleats to fit the other.

As a result :

The Delta and SPD cleats are two large and different systems.

We tried in this post to give you all you need to know about them, and enough information to help you distinguish each one’s aspects.

Please feel free to let us know which cleats have worked out for you the best?

We appreciate your comments.

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