Do Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes Run True To Size? And Are They Worth It?!

Pearl Izumi is a well-known brand in the cycling business, known for too many things and one of them is being true to size even though this doesn’t go for all of their cycling shoes but most of them.

That’s why you will want to wait and read the whole article so you can get more knowledge about which ones run true to size and which ones run small.

Let’s just get right into;

Do Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes Run True to Size?

Many of our team including myself have used more than one pair of Pearl Izumi cycling shoes for quite some time right now.

You can understand that we are some kind of cycling nerds.

Anyways, we gonna categorize their shoes from road to mountain shoes and give you which ones are true to size in each section;

Pearl Izumi Road Cycling Shoes:

When talking about Pearl Izumi road shoes that tend and are known to run true to size, just know that we are talking about these two:  

  • The P.R.O Leader v4; 
  • The P.R.O. Road v5.

Pearl Izumi Mountain Bike Shoes

As for Pearl Izumi Mountain biking shoes, we will for sure mention these two:

  • The X-Project Pro
  • The X-Alp Launch II

Because Pearl Izumi manufactures triathlon shoes too, we will tell which triathlon shoes are true to size for those of you who are into these kinds of contests.

Pearl Izumi Triathlon Shoes

In addition, Pearl Izumi has also two of their triathlon shoes that tend to fit true to size, which are: 

  • The Tri Fly Elite v6
  • The Tri Fly Select v6

Just to make something clear, we can’t move on without noting that even if a shoe is known for being “true to size” it’s not always promised that it will fit comfortably, everyone’s foot shape and comfort leaning is different.

Therefore, it’s better to go try on the shoes before purchasing if possible and if not, try to buy from a store that has a good return/exchange policy.

Do Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes Run Small?

As noted briefly, sizing can vary between models and sometimes even within the same model, some people may need to size up and some may need to size down, depending on the shape of your feet and the characteristics that make you feel comfortable.

It’s important to keep this in mind because each one of us has our comfort preferences, so what may work for me may not work for one of my team.

Pearl Izumi Sizing Chart

Pearl Izumi Sizing Chart

Picking the right size cycling shoe is very crucial for ideal performance and comfort during your rides.

To help you in selecting that perfect fit, we have compiled two size charts for both men and women.

Pearl Izumi Size Chart for Men;


38 6



6.25 24
39 6.5



6.75 24.5
40 7



7.5 25.5
41 7.75



8 26
42 8.5



9 27
43 9.25



9.5 27.5
44 10



10.25 28
45 10.5



11 29
46 11.5



12 30
47 12.5



13 31
49 14



15 33
51 16





Pearl Izumi Size Chart for Women;





5 22.5


5.5 23
37 6






7 24
38.5 7.25



7.5 24.5







40.5 8.5



9 25.5
41.5 9.25








43 10.5


Please refer to these charts before making your purchase to ensure the best fit possible.

How Much are Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes?

The price of Pearl Izumi cycling shoes varies depending on the specific model and features of the shoe.

However, their road cycling shoes can range on average between 100$ and 300$, as for their mountain bike shoes, those can be a bit more expensive, they start from 130$ to 400$.

Last but not least, triathlon shoes are the priciest of these two, because Pearl Izumi has specific designs for this type of riding. Therefore, they can be anywhere from 200$ to 500$.

We can’t forget to note that the models that have advanced technology and come with more certain features like BOA lacing system, and carbon sole, specific for like triathlon or road cycling, are always more expensive than models that come with basic designs.

Also, Pearl Izumi is a manufacturer that tends to release new models frequently, so the prices of older models may go down.

We know that you noticed we only answered one important question and haven’t mentioned the second one yet, there it comes;

Are Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes Worth it?

Are Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes Worth it

As mentioned previously, Pearl Izumi is a well-known brand when it comes to cycling, it is known and popular thanks to its high-quality cycling shoes that are designed specifically to fill the needs of all riders and cyclists.

As for comfort, Pearl Izumi shoes are super comfortable and cushioned, which is kind of important for longer rides. They made their shoes using high-quality materials, that’s why they are durable and will hold up very well over time.

For the closure system, they have used the BOA Lacing system in some of their shoes and Velcro strap in others, and they both help in providing a great fit and are easy to adjust while being on the move.

Let’s not forget their versatility. Pearl Izumi cycling shoes are adaptable, they can be used for different riding styles, from road cycling to mountain biking.

This makes them a great choice for those of you riders, who participate in different types of cycling and are looking for one shoe that can handle it all.

Overall, in terms of value, Pearl Izumi biking shoes offer a great balance of it all, quality, durability, and value for the price. When you buy them, you are purchasing one of the most efficient cycling shoes that have it all.

To make sure that you have all the information that you were looking for, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from people like yourself about Pearl Izumi cycling shoes that we will go through right now.

Therefore, please make sure to check them after you finish reading the article;

We made sure to gather all the information needed so that by the end of this article you will have all the knowledge you need to buy a pair of Pearl Izumi and hopefully get the perfect fit for you.

Are Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes good?

As noted above and to not take a lot of your time, we will say that Pearl Izumi offers comfort, versatility, durability, and high-quality products that will help increase your efficiency while riding.

Can you walk in Pearl Izumi's cycling shoes?

Pearl Izumi cycling shoes aren’t that suitable for walking. That’s because of their stiff soles, it’s very helpful and important in cycling. However, it's gonna give you a hard time walking on them, and in addition, the cleats and clips that are attached to the shoes, which makes it much easier for you to attach your shoes to the pedals, aren’t something that I advise you to walk with because they are difficult and dangerous. Even though it's possible to walk on them but it’s not comfortable and doing so will just damage the cleats so they won’t really last that long and you may get hurt too. So it is better to not walk while wearing cycling shoes with or without cleats on, and instead, make sure to always bring a pair of shoes to use for walking or running.

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