Fizik vs Shimano shoe sizing

When practicing any kind of sport, it is essential to be in the right and comfortable fits, and that can include clothes or shoes or any other item that you may use in a specific sport type. 

For that matter, we are specifically talking about cycling shoes: Fizik vs Shimano shoe sizing. 

In this article, we will help you to know what’s the difference between Fizik and  Shimano cycling shoes, and more specifically when it comes to their sizing. 

Shoe sizing is all that you need to be precise with when you’re choosing a  certain cycling shoe brand, so let’s have clear information about each of Fizik and Shimano’s shoe sizing. 

FIZIK shoe SIZING | How to define your perfect size?


The Italian shoe brand has been known for its unique design and shapes for cycling shoes, the majority of Fizik shoes are created narrowly to be so comfortable and snug to your feet. 

So, Are Fizik Shoes True In Size?

The Fizik shoes sizing are made tight but in a very convenient way, not too strict and tight in your toes and also, they’re not giving a lot of room too, just on point and that makes them true to the size, you just have to be specific about your normal size, and they will fit you just great. 


Fizik shoes usually are running small, however, you may want to take into consideration that if you have narrow or wide feet, it is recommended to take  Fizik shoes a little bit larger. 


When it comes to sizing, Fizik shoes are made to fit the regular sizing but are a little narrower, so for people who have wider feet, it is preferable to have the size a bit larger, so Fizik shoes don’t come that big, and wide, It is better to take that in consideration while trying to purchase one. 

FIZIK SHOE SIZE CHART | simple steps to y our suitable size:

It is more convenient to have an idea about Fizik shoe size before trying to get  one, here are the proper sizes for Fizik shoes : 


Europe  USA  UK  Foot length in mm
36  4 1/4  3 1/4  230
36,5  4 3/4  3 3/4  2335
37  5 1/4  4 1/4  237
37,5  5 1/2  4 1/2  240
38  2435
38,5  6 1/4  5 1/4  247
39  6 3/4  5 3/4  250
39,5  253,5
40  7 1/2  6 1/2  257
40,5  260
41  8 1/4  7 1/4  263,5
41,5  8 3/4  7 3/4  267
42  270
42,5  9 1/2  8 1/2  273,5
43  9 3/4  8 3/4  277
43,5  10 1/4  9 1/4  280
44  10 3/4  9 3/4  283,5
44,5  11  10  287
45  11 1/4  10 1/2  290
45,5  11 3/4  10 3/4  293,5
46  12 1/4  11 1/4  297
46,5  12 1/2  11 1/2  300
47  13  12  303,5
47,5  13 1/2  12 1/2  307
48  13 3/4  12 3/4  310



Usually, the Fizik cycling shoe size is just like other normal cycling shoe sizes, so is it true to the size, unless you have larger or wide feet, it is always safer to have a size a little bigger, but if you only follow the size chart that company has created, you will find your perfect one. 

HOW DO FIZIK SHOES FIT? Let's find that out:

Because of their matchless and unique design that has a specific curve, Fizik shoes are just fitting perfectly if you’re aware of choosing the right size for you. 


The Fizik shoe brand made sure to have a large diversity when it comes to its items, and it is known for a narrower design in cycling shoes, however, the brand is also starting to have many items and products in a wide and large style,  so it is satisfying all different needs of its customers. 

FIZIK shoe sizing compared to SHIMANO | What’s the difference between the two?

Here we will have a simple clarity when it comes to Fizik vs Shimano shoe sizing.

Both shoe brands, FIZIK and SHIMANO, have their characteristics when it comes to their design, but they both have efficiency, competence, and quality in common. 

For FIZIK shoes, we more often see the design more defined as a narrow, slim, and tight layout. 

And for SHIMANO shoes, it is more known for their leather curves that give the shoes more volume and heaviness. 


It is known that Shimano shoes do run small, but you still have to be sure with your appropriate shoe size, it is preferable to purchase up to half or whole size for the Shimano shoes.


Shimano brand tries to have its shoes all fitting properly, so the cycling shoes are no exception, and they are true to the size, as it is known in the cycling shoes,  they do come a little bit narrower, but for Shimano cycling shoes, they have this unique leather layout that requires for the shoes to be a little bit larger, and therefor Shimano cycling shoes are true to the size. 

As a result: 

Both Fizik and Shimano cycling shoes brands have many common characteristics. We wish that we offered you a clear distinction to know which one is more suitable for you.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this. Would you go for Shimano or Fizik shoes? Let us know.

Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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