Giro Vs SIDI Shoes [Detailed Comparison]

All cyclists will agree that Giro and SIDI are two of the most well-known and respected companies when it comes to cycling shoes.

Both brands have a great reputation for producing high-quality cycling shoes for every type of cycling.

We will go a little too deep and take a close look at Giro and SIDI shoes, comparing the key features, and technology, of each brand.

We will also mention their cycling shoes’ pros and cons. 

Therefore I guess this article will help a lot of you get the differences between these two and their cycling shoes.

And will also help you make your decision on which company you would choose to buy from.

This next section of the article will be about Giro, its brand history and background, and the key features and technology used in its shoes. 

Afterward, we will do the same for SIDI shoes, and then we will put them head to head and compare them.

Lastly, We will give you a conclusion, where we will summarize all the sections and provide you with our opinion.

About Giro,

About Giro

There was an industrial designer who was passionate about cycling. He founded Giro in 1985. His name is Jim Gentes

When the company first started, they were producing helmets and it didn’t take them that long to gain a reputation for producing high-quality products.

In the mid-90s, Giro gave the cycling shoe industry a try and since then it has become one of the top companies in the market.

Giro is known for utilizing high-quality materials and innovative technology in their cycling shoes.

For the upper, they use microfiber and synthetic uppers to keep the cycling shoes lightweight and durable at once.

Their cycling shoes’ soles are made with carbon fiber to provide you with enough stiffness for a great power transfer.

They have an adjustable retention system that allows you to have a personalized fit, and to provide you with a supportive and comfortable fit, Giro uses high-performance footbeds.

They have also thought about wet conditions and they got us covered by using weather-resistant materials which help keep your feet dry.

Let’s now list some Giro cycling shoes’ pros and cons;



High-quality materials

A little narrow

Innovative technology

Higher end in the price range



Great power transfer

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About SIDI

About SIDI

SIDI is an Italian cycling shoe company. It was founded in 1960 by Dino Signori in Maser.

This company is well-known and respected in the cycling shoe industry and has a great reputation when it comes to producing high-quality and durable cycling shoes.

To satisfy its customer, SIDI uses high-quality materials and new technology in its designs even though it looks traditional.

The upper part of the shoe is made with Technomicro and Lorica which are known to be lightweight and durable.

To provide you with a great comfortable fit, they’ve used high-performance footbeds for added comfort and adjustable retention systems that can be adjusted to your foot shape.

And to make sure that you stay sheltered even in different conditions, like rainy days, they use weather-resistant materials too.

The soles are made with carbon fiber which gives you that perfect stiffness for a great power transfer. This makes their shoes pretty popular.

Famous and professional cyclists are often spotted with one of SIDI’s cycling shoes; It has different footwear for different types of riding, such as mountain, road, and triathlon.

Let’s now mention some pros and cons of the brand like the previous one;



Perfect fit


Limited color options

Great power transfer

Doesn’t always feel comfortable when the shoes are new

Some size issues


Not that breathable
Multiple options (Versatility)

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Now let’s move on to the most important section in this article, which is putting these two big brands head to head. Let’s get right into it.

SIDI Vs Giro Cycling Shoes (Comparison)


Design  Have a sleek and modern look

looks more classic and understated


Uses SuperNatural Fit Kit, which gives you an adaptable fit Comes with an adjustable retention system that can be tailored to your foot shape
Comfort Pretty comfortable

So comfortable


Provides high performance for cyclists Made to offer you high-performance
Durability Uses a very durable material for the upper, called Evofiber synthetic

Designed to withstand wear and tear, thanks to their Technomicro and Lorica uppers


Features the X-STatic anti-microbial footbeds for more comfort Comes with adaptable retention systems for an optimized fit
Intended use Road and off-road

Road, mountain, and triathlon


3-bolt cleats 3-bolt cleats
Price A little expensive

Higher-end range of prices

Now, we will put these 3 pairs of Giro cycling shoe head to head with 3 pairs of SIDI cycling shoes;

Giro Empire E70 Vs SIDI Wire 2 Carbon

Giro Empire E70 Vs SIDI Wire 2 Carbon


Giro Empire E70 SIDI Wire 2 Carbon
Performance An efficient fit

Maximize power transfer thanks to the carbon-reinforced sole


Adaptable arch support and customized fit A customized fit and adaptable on the fly
Comfort Amazing comfort thanks to its SuperNatural Fit Kit and moldable EVA footbed

Not that comfortable for all cyclists


Designed to last Stiff construction and more durable because of the carbon-reinforced sole
Technology Uses a Microfiber upper, a universal cleat mount, and a molded EVA footbed with arch support

Uses its technology, it’s called the Tecno-3 Push retention system, its sole features a carbon-reinforced sole, and a Technomicro microfiber upper


Start from 300$

Around 450$

SIDI Dragon 6 Vs Giro Terraduro

SIDI Dragon 6 Vs Giro Terraduro


SIDI Dragon 6 Giro Terraduro
Fit Adjusted on the fly and can be customized with Tecno-3 Push retention system

Provides a secure fit with their lace-up closure


Designed for aggressive off-road riding, may not be that comfortable for some of you More comfortable with EVA footbed and breathable upper 
Performance Maximize power transfer with a full-lugged SIDI Millimetric closure system

A balance on both on and off-road performance 


Uses the Tecno-3 Push retention system, a Technomicro microfiber upper, and features a full-lugged Millimetric closure system made by SIDI Comes with a breathable upper, and lace-up closure, and features a Vibram outsole with a medium-lugged design 
Durability  A more lasting construction



goes for 450$+

Pretty affordable, starting from 160$

Giro Code Techlace Vs SIDI Ergo 5

Giro Code Techlace Vs SIDI Ergo 5


Giro Code Techlace SIDI Ergo 5
Fit Gives you a secure fit with its Techmace closure system

Easily adjusted on the fly and the Tecno-3 Push retention system offers you a customized fit


Pretty comfortable May not be that comfortable for some cyclists
Performance A balance of comfort and power transfer

Designed to maximize the power transfer


Uses a Techlace closure system, and features an Easton EC90 ACC carbon outsole Comes with a full carbon sole, the Technomicro microfiber upper, and a customized fit thanks to the Tecno-3 Push retention system
Durability Will last

A strong and durable construction


A little expensive going around 350$

On the higher end ranging around 450$

We guess that we mentioned everything that we promised you, but let’s do a recap before we conclude.

We talked about both brands (Giro and SIDI) separately, and we also mentioned the pros and cons of each one of them.

Then we compared both companies’ shoes and also put some of their cycling shoes head to head. However, we didn’t say which one is better.

Because in our opinion, both SIDI and Giro are two of the most well-respected cycling shoe brands in the industry, that offer a variety of options for road and off-road cycling.

Therefore, we will let you make this decision yourself because each one of you has your personal preferences and needs that you want to satisfy.

That’s why, we always recommend to our family, friends, teammates, and loyal audiences to give both brands a try and see which one goes with their preferences.

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