Northwave Vs SIDI Cycling Shoes

We will be talking today, about two of the most respected, well-known, and old Italian cycling shoe companies.

They are the OGs in this industry, we will talk about SIDI and Northwave. They are 30+ years old.

We’ve grown older with SIDI cycling shoes, from the day I started cycling till this day, I’m still owning their shoes. This brand has been in the market for more than 60 years.

It has been used by many famous professional cyclists, and as for Northwave. It has been here for 32 years, and it has a reputation for new designs and technical features.

In this article, we will put these two OGs head to head and give you “The” comparison that you need.

About SIDI

About SIDI

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About Northwave

About Northwave

In the 1990s, a new Italian company decided to show up in the cycling shoes market, named Northwave.

Since then, this brand has proved itself and become a leader in the cycling industry, by manufacturing high-quality and fresh cycling shoes.

Northwave has been using only the best materials, and technology, anything that is less than a high-quality material or old technology won’t do it for this company.

That’s why their shoes are so well-known in the market. This company has been constantly pushing the boundaries, for more than three decades now, to offer the best possible in terms of design, quality, durability, and performance.

Their shoe design is focused on your comfort and also performance. 

To provide this, Northwave cycling shoes include some key traits in their shoes that are easily noticed that we will mention to you right now.

Key Factors of Northwave Cycling Shoes

Key Factors


These cycling shoes are designed to be the most lightweight possible, so they can improve your performance and reduce fatigue in long rides.


They come with stiff carbon soles that help to efficiently transfer the power from your feet straight to the pedals.

Northwave cycling shoes offer a customized fit, that’s what explains all the adjustable features included in their shoes.


Most Northwave cycling shoes have an advanced ventilation system to keep your feet cool and dry on those long unending rides.
Reflective Detailing

They also include this feature to help improve visibility when there’s not much light, to keep you safe.

Heel System

Northwave provides an integrated heel system that gives you a secure and comfortable fit, by reducing the risk of slipping.

Some Northwave cycling shoes have Durafiber uppers, which are both durable and breathable, to provide you with amazing performance and comfort in your rides.

Let’s now move to some Pros & Cons of Northwave cycling shoes;

Northwave Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Lightweight construction A little expensive
Stiff carbon sole Not many style options
Adjustable fit
Very breathable
Pretty durable

Now let’s move on to the actual comparison between the two;

Comparison Between Northwave & SIDI Cycling Shoes

Surprisingly enough, these two brands have more things in common than we usually see between other brands.

They both manufacture high-quality cycling shoes that will help you improve your performance.

They do so by making their shoes using stiff carbon soles which provide amazing power transfer straight to the pedals.

They also have an adjustable fit so you feel comfortable and in addition, they added some reflective detailing to improve visibility in low-light conditions.

Like they have some similarities, they also have some differences which are normal every brand has its signature.

Northwave cycling shoes are usually produced with lightweight and breathable materials, like Durafiber.

However, SIDI’s goal is to just give their customers the best cycling shoes there are, that’s why their cycling shoes are only made with high-quality materials, like Lorica and Technomicro.

Even though this isn’t implemented when it comes to ventilation, SIDI shoes have limited breathability.

Whereas Northwave cycling shoes are designed with advanced ventilation systems so your feet can stay cool and dry.

When it comes to style and design, Northwave has won this one, their cycling shoes are stylish and have a modern look. 

On the other hand, SIDI shoes are known for their traditional simple look and design, even though they are more expensive than Northwave shoes.

Let’s now move on to some more detailed comparison by putting their popular cycling shoes head to head and seeing which ones are better.

SIDI Eagle 7 VS Northwave Extreme XC 

SIDI Eagle 7 VS Northwave Extreme XC

Factors  SIDI Eagle  Northwave Extreme XC
Materials  Uses only high-quality materials Made with breathable and lightweight materials
Technology High-tech designs, like SIDI Heel Cup, help guarantee stability and comfort Have some new advanced technology built into the design of the shoe
Comfort Their design is focused on providing the most comfort An optimal comfort level
Ventilation  Limited ventilation, but still has perforations in the upper to allow airflow Comes with an advanced ventilation system to always keep your feet cool and dry
Performance Provides an efficient power transfer and is a great fit to enhance your performance Also provides an efficient power transfer and a great fit which enhances your performance
Durability Very durable Lasts for several seasons
Price Affordable More expensive

Northwave Spike 2 Vs SIDI Wire

Northwave Spike 2 Vs SIDI Wire

Factors Northwave Spike 2 SIDI Wire
Materials Made with high-quality materials  Uses only top-quality materials
Technology Advanced technology to build the design of the shoe High-tech design
Comfort Comfortable  Comfort-focused design
Ventilation Advanced breathability systems to keep your feet dry and cool during long rides Limited ventilation but still got some airflow from the upper
Performance Stiff sole to offer power transfer efficiently to the pedals Stiff carbon sole to enhance your performance
Durability Built to last More durable and lasting
Price  More affordable  A little more expensive

SIDI Alba Vs Northwave Flash 3

SIDI Alba Vs Northwave Flash 3

Factors  SIDI Alba Northwave Flash 3
Materials  The best-quality materials High-quality materials
Technology High-tech Advanced technology
Comfort Comfort to be comfortable Pretty comfortable
Ventilation Not that breathable, but still have some airflow Advanced breathability
Performance  Efficient power transfer thanks to its stiff carbon Stiff soles which increase your performance
Durability Forget about them wearing out Last for seasons
Price A little more expensive More affordable

As you may have noticed that both brands have almost the same things in every one of the shoes that we’ve just listed.

Both brands do their best to make sure we, cyclists, get the best products possible.

Something comfortable that fits well helps improve our performance and can last for us.

They are both two of the leading companies in the mountain bike shoe industry and market for a reason.

Although, offering high-quality products that will satisfy their clients isn’t that easy but they still never let us down.

However, even with all this, when it comes to choosing one between these two, Northwave or SIDI cycling shoes, you have to consider what you like and your preferences, as well as the features and technologies that each brand serves.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, whether you choose SIDI or Northwave, they both provide a wide range of options to choose from that are almost the same.

However, make sure to try both of them to see which one fits your preferences and enjoy your rides.

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