Peloton Cleat Type: What You Need to Know

There are several important things to know about peloton cleats. Like the normal bikes, the peloton also has some cleat types to be familiar with and fully understand in order to prevent any accidents. In this article, you will discover with us these types and be able to differentiate between them easily. So let us get into it.

Peloton cleat types, let us find them out:

There are so many questions about the peloton cleat types; knowing that there are indoor and outdoor bikes, it is so normal to get confused about which equipment we should buy or use. The cleats are made to secure the rider on the bike, not letting his feet slip out of the pedals, but there are different types of them.

 Talking about peloton, it uses either LOOK Delta cleats or SPD cleats. Namely, you can use the first ones if you have your own bike at home, used only by the family. However, the second one can be fitted in commercial peloton bikes.

We know that there is a lot between you who do not have the smallest idea about LOOK Delta and SPD cleats, so let us see what they are.

What are LOOK Delta cleats? 

The LOOK Delta cleats are from the look brand, obviously. They are the only cleats with SPD that are compatible with the peloton bike. Moreover, they have three bolts and come with two-cleat float options.

What is SPD cleat?

The SPD cleats are so similar to the LOOK Delta, but there are some differences like the SPD is made of plastic in order to keep their weight down. Moreover, there is the SPD which has two bolts, and the SPD SL, which has three bolts; they are usually called three bolts cleats.

For more clarification, you can check our article ( what is SPD cleats

After this, we will take you to see the cleats used the most on the peloton bike.

What type of cleats does the peloton use? The famous question that should be answered right now!

Peloton bike uses Delta-compatible cleats; you can easily attach them to your peloton shoes or any pair of cycling shoes you have, with a three screw hole set up, of course.

Moreover, if you have an indoor peloton bike, you can simply attach a toe cage to your pedals and be able to use any pair of sneakers you prefer.

However, if you use the club’s peloton bike, you normally must have SPD cleats attached to your cycling shoes.

Talking about pedal cleats, we know that there are clip and clipless pedals. So we will take you to see if this applies on the peloton bike too.

Do the clip and clipless types apply on the peloton bike?

Of course, these types apply to the peloton bike because, in the clubs or hotels, you will only find the peloton bike with toe cages. But, if you have already your cycling shoes with SPD cleats on them, you can clip them into these pedals without any issue.

What type of cleat does peloton use?

Peloton bikes can use clipless pedals, which means you can use toe cages and SPD cleats at the same time. 


To sum up, we have fully explained the peloton cleat types in a detailed manner. In addition to this, there are mentioned links for more readings about the subject. The subject of types of cleats used by the peloton bike is important to be clearly understood by every cyclist. So, we are so happy to be helpful in such big stuff.

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