Ride Concepts Livewire VS Hellion | Our Honest Comparison

Are you looking for a Ride Concepts shoe? However, you don’t know which one to choose. And you’re looking for an answer to that question?

You have come to the right place. In this article, we will put some of the best RC shoes head-to-head with you. We would for sure start with the two main ones Ride Concepts Hellion VS Livewire.

So, please, make sure to stick with us to the end. We hope that by the end of the article, you will have all the information you were looking for to get your first and hopefully your favorite ever flat mountain bike shoe.

Ride Concepts Hellion VS Livewire

Ride Concepts Hellion VS Livewire

The RC Hellion

The RC Hellion is a light shoe for mountain biking, it comes with a D30 impact protection in both heels and toes, and this shoe is made to provide comfort while riding so you can enjoy your ride.

A DST 6.0 rubber on the bottom, also known as a “high grip rubber”, gives all its users a great grip on the pedals.

You can rely on this shoe in rough condition, it is tough built, meaning you don’t have to worry about your feet being secure because of course they are.

However, for me I find this shoe not visually exciting, it comes in only two colors. Therefore, you don’t have a lot of options while choosing but they come in black and I guess that’s everyone’s favorite.

On the other end, the Livewire has a stiffer sole than the first one, even if not as grippy as the Hellion but still gets the job done.

In addition, the Hellion offers multiple sizes for both men and women; US Men’s sizes start from 7 to 15 and they also have half sizes up to 12.5, and for women’s sizes; it goes from 5 to 10, also with half sizes.

And this is a plus for the Hellion, this shoe is a quality shoe that lives up to your expectations, compared to the amount you have paid. 

The RC Livewire

The livewire sole has a nice balance between power transfer, which helps increase your performance, and pedal feel and also provides walkability while you’re off the bike.

However, these aren’t that light and it is also bulkier than some mountain bike shoes out there.

The Livewire has the same sole as the RC Hellion and also the D30 impact protection, so you can probably say that they are the same. 

They only have a few differences that you can learn more about by watching this video down here;

Ride Concepts Vice VS Livewire

Ride Concepts Vice VS Livewire

The RC’s newest model, The Vice, looks from far like a Vans. They have used a waffle sole that makes the RC look that way.

They added a D30 insole to protect and absorb impact and also decrease fatigue. They produced a DST 6.0 High Grip by collaborating with Rubber Kinetics to make that sole.

The Vice uses a suede upper that keeps the shoes more durable and adds more protection to your toes. You’ll also find a toe box that is reinforced for even more protection.

In addition, they added small perforations all over this shoe to keep it more breathable, and the tongue is almost fully gusseted which helps with keeping the dirt and some other debris out.

Some people didn’t find the DST High grip rubber very sticky and grippy. But for my team and me, I have tried this shoe for quite some time now and it has a very good grip on the pedal.

There are various sizes for this specific model for both men and women and the price is also reasonable at only 100$ for both men and women.

So all we can say is give them a shot and please feel free to share with us, how did you find them?

And as for the Vice offered sizes, The US Men’s sizes go from 5 to 15, with the half sizes up to 12.5 like the Hellion, and for the Women’s sizes; 5 through 10, and the half sizes are included here too.

The RC Vice
Pros Cons
Excellent fit Too soft for some of you
Great traction The Suede finish is hard to keep fresh
A lot of sizes to choose from Not that good for warm weather
Performance A bit heavy at 468g per pair
Good grip
Great attention to details

Ride Concepts Powerline VS Livewire

Ride Concepts Powerline VS Livewire

Ride Concepts Powerline

The Ride Concepts Powerline is a well-known high-quality, very protective flat shoe for tough charging.

This shoe has an excellent grip, thanks to the collaboration with Rubber Kinetics that helped with producing this amazing DST 4.0 Max Grip. Which was designed to offer high-level traction for rough mountain tracks.

This sole provides a great connection to the pedals without being grippy and also a solid power transfer for an amazing performance.

The Powerline comes with a beefed-up toe box, a heel pocket, and some extra ankle coverage with an added D30 to help keep your feet safe and secure through any rough condition.

You can wear this shoe the whole day without worrying about any discomfort because this will never be the case with the RC Powerline; this shoe has a comfortable fit and provides all-day comfort for those of you who like going out with the same shoes they ride with.

Unfortunately, the Powerline doesn’t have various sizes to choose from like the other shoes, it only starts from US 7 for Men up to 13 only.

The price of the RC Powerline is 250$.

Ride Concepts Livewire

As we promised, the Livewire comes, like most new RC flat shoes, with a DST 6.0 High Grip rubber outsole which helps stick the pedals to your feet for more efficiency and great performance while riding.

In addition, you have a D30 Impact protection that is incorporated into the insole, as we mentioned above. This D30 absorbs all the impact to keep your toes and heels secure and protected.

Unlike the Powerline, this shoe (Livewire) comes with the same various sizes that all the precious RCs offer; both Men’s and Women’s start from US 5, Men’s goes up to 15 with half sizes up to 12.5, and Women’s sizes are up to 10 with the half sizes.

The Livewire fits comfortably in your feet. I never had any difficulty or felt uncomfortable or even had any unwanted pressure around the toes and heels while wearing this shoe. So you can take my word for it and please make sure you ask your fellow cyclists too, they will agree.

This shoe has been so good to me since day one and I hope it can be the case for you too. Therefore, please those of you who have tried the shoe, please tell us about your experience. 

And because we didn’t mention the pros and cons of Livewire in any of the comparisons above, we will add it now so you can have it all after you finish reading this article.

The RC Powerline

Pros Cons
Great on your feet not the stickiest rubber
Great grip A bit heavy at 470g per pair
Amazing power transfer Runs small (Size)
Excellent fit
Great coverage around the inner ankle
The RC Livewire
Pros  Cons
Impressive grip A little heavy at 460g per pair
Protective Limited breathability
Comfortable to pedal in Stiff the box
Very durable
Well made
Designed by riders for riders

Once you have gotten here, we want to thank you for reading the whole article. We hope you learned all about the Ride Concepts shoes.

To conclude this article, RC shoes are made for tough and rough conditions (mountains), and mountain bikes, not just any bikes, are pretty much protective and will keep your feet secure and safe.

And by now, you probably made up your mind about which one you are going to go for. Therefore, don’t forget to share with us and our loyal audience which shoe you chose. And why?

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