SHIMANO SHOE SIZE CHART | Choose your perfect size

Whether it’s a road, mountain, or gravel bike trip, you must choose the efficient tools while cycling, more specifically you have to be picky with your cycling shoes and how they fit while wearing them or biking with them.

In this post, we will be taking you to a sizes guide, more specifically with a Shimano shoe size chart, to offer you all that you need to know when you’re aiming to get one of Shimano’s pairs of shoes.

We will be starting with size charts to give you an idea about the design fit.

SHIMANO CYCLING SHOE SIZE CHART| all you need to know:

The cycling or biking shoes are mostly known for their layouts that are true to the size and can fit you just perfectly with your feet’ curves.

Shimano is no exception, the brand is making sure to offer its customers the most efficient sportive items and products, so they can enjoy their cycling adventures to the maximum.

So, it is essential to have a clue about the SHIMANO cycling shoe size chart first: 

SHIMANO cycling shoe size chart

EU Shoe Size USA Shoe Size UK Shoe Size Foot Length
EU 33 US 1.8 205mm
EU 34 US 2.3 212mm
EU 35 US 3.2 218mm
EU 36 US 3.7 UK 2.7 225mm
EU 36.5 US 4.2 UK 3.2 230mm
EU 37 US 4.5 UK 3.5 232mm
EU 37.5 US 4.8 UK 3.8 238mm
EU 38 US 5.2 UK 4.2 242mm
EU 38.5 US 5.5 UK 4.5 245mm
EU 39 US 5.8 UK 4.8 248mm
EU 39.5 US 6.2 UK 5.2 252mm
EU 40 US 6.7 UK 5.7 255mm
EU 40.5 US 7.2 UK 6.2 255mm
EU 41 US 7.6 UK 6.6 258mm
EU 41.5 US 8 UK 7 262mm
EU 42 US 8.3 UK 7.3 265mm
EU 42.5 US 8.7 UK 7.7 268mm
EU 43 US 8.9 UK 7.9 272mm
EU 43.5 US 9.3 UK 8.3 275mm
EU 44 US 9.7 UK 8.7 278mm
EU 44.5 US 10.2 UK 9.2 282mm
EU 45 US 10.5 UK 9.5 285mm
EU 45.5 US 10.9 UK 9.9 288mm
EU 46 US 11.2 UK 10.2 292mm
EU 46.5 US 11.5 UK 10.5 295mm
EU 47 US 11.8 UK 10.8 298mm
EU 47.5 US 12 UK 11 302mm
EU 48 US 12.3 UK 11.3 305mm


We will be heading now to devise this chart in two genders: Shimano’s women’s and men’s size charts.


Because of its extraordinary layout and stylish design, Shimano shoes are becoming more and more popular among everyone, men and women.

Here’s a size chart for Shimano’s women cycling shoes: 

EU Shoe Size USA Shoe Size UK Shoe Size Foot Length
EU 33 US 2.5 205mm
EU 34 US 3.3 212mm
EU 35 US 4.1 217mm
EU 36 US 4.8 224mm
EU 36.5 US 5.2 UK 3.2 228mm
EU 37 US 5.5 UK 3.5 231mm
EU 37.5 US 6 UK 4 235mm
EU 38 US 6.5 UK 4.5 238mm
EU 38.5 US 6.8 UK 4.8 242mm
EU 39 US 7.3 UK 5.3 245mm
EU 39.5 US 7.5 UK 5.5 248mm
EU 40 US 7.8 UK 5.8 252mm
EU 40.5 US 8.2 UK 6.2 255mm
EU 41 US 8.5 UK 6.5 258mm
EU 41.5 US 9 UK 7 262mm
EU 42 US 9.5 UK 7.5 265mm
EU 42.5 US 10 UK 8 268mm
EU 43 US 10.5 UK 8.5 272mm
EU 43.5 US 10.8 UK 8.8 275mm
EU 44 US 11.2 UK 9.2 278mm

Let’s see those sizes in the US chart and dig into each one of the shoe types.


For men, it is not that challenging for them to find their size fit easily, as largely cycling shoe brands are counting on men’s fits when it comes to creating their sizing chart first.

So here is the Shimano men’s cycling shoe size chart attached down below: 

EU US Heel to toe in CM
36 4 22.5 cm
37 4.5 23 cm
37.5 5 23.5 cm
38 5.5 23.7 cm
38.5 5.5 24.2 cm
39 6 24.5 cm
39.5 6 24.7 cm
40 6.5 25.2 cm
40.5 7 25.5 cm
41 7.5 25.8 cm
41.5 8 26.3 cm
42 8.5 26.5 cm
42.5 9 27 cm
43 9 27.3 cm
43.5 9.5 27.5 cm
44 10 28 cm
44.5 10 28.3 cm
45 10.5 28.6 cm
45.5 11 29 cm
46 11.5 29.3 cm
46.5 11.5 29.6 cm
47 12 30 cm
48 13 30.5 cm

By following this Shimano men’s cycling shoe size chart, you will be able to determine your size fit easily.


The mountain bike shoes are also different from other trail shoes, they are made to be resistant to hard courses and can bear any difficulties while taking your mountain bike trips.

It is important to know that there’s no difference between a mountain bike shoe size chart and a general shoe size chart. So, you can just lay on that one and that will do it for you.

Here’s is Shimano MTB shoe size chart:

36 2.5 4
37 3.5 4.5
37.5 4 5
38 4 5.5
38.5 4.5 5.5
39 5 6
39.5 5.5 6
40 6 6.5
40.5 6 7
41 6.5 7.5
41.5 7 8
42 7.5 8.5
42.5 7.5 9
43 8 9
43.5 8.5 9.5
44 9 10
44.5 9.5 10
45 9.5 10.5
45.5 10 11
46 10.5 11.5
46.5 11 11.5
47 11.5 12
48 12 13

On the other hand, a lot of riders wonder if cycling shoes run small or the opposite?

We would like to let you know that we have already talked about this question in a previous post ” Do cycling shoes run small ” 


Shimano mountain bike shoes may be slightly different from road shoes, as biking shoes need to be more resilient and can handle tough gravel trials.

But when it comes to sizing, they are just the same.

So you can get back to the Shimano mountain bike shoes size chart that we have mentioned above and you can still get the exact size for your feet in road shoes too.

The most popular question about Shimano’s shoes is related to the width.


Many companies provide wider shoes for cycling or biking, and Shimano is one of those.

Not all bikers are satisfied with the narrow and slim fit, as they like more space, especially their toe box area.

And here is the proper Shimano shoe width chart attached, to help you more with the precision of your fit: 

shimanomenfootwearCredit :

With those on-point sizes, you can choose the perfect fit for you.



SHIMANO SHOE SIZE GUIDE | Get your perfect size in 3 simple steps 


It can be really easy to find your perfect size by just following a proper Shimano shoe size guide.

By fitting your foot size with 3 simple steps : 

  • Grabbing a piece of paper to measure your feet on it, and draw a line all around your feet.
  • Compare your results with your cycling shoes brand.
  • Pay attention to your feet width

And then you can go and grab yourself a nice cycling pair of shoes.

We will take you now to answer your frequently asked questions for more clarification: 

How are Shimano shoe sizes measured?

Shimano shoe sizes are measured by their foot length, arch length, and width.

Why are Shimano shoe sizes different?

Shimano brand is a distinguished shoe brand that tries to reply to all the people’s needs in different shapes and fits. That is why you will have numerous shoe sizes in their items.

How do I know what size cycling shoes to buy?

By grabbing a piece of paper and a pen to draw the line around your fit. As we have mentioned in the 3 simple steps above, then you will be able to find the perfect Shimano cycling shoe size for you.

Are Shimano MTB shoes true to size?

Shimano shoes are designed to be a little bit small for a narrower and fit shape around the foot, so you may want to consider buying a pair with a slightly upper size.

Final thoughts : 

By mentioning and providing you with all of this information related to the Shimano shoes size charts, and very simple steps to measure your foot size, we hope that we offer you enough tips to help you any time you want to approach this remarkable cycling shoe brand for a pair or two. 

And we would love to hear from you and your opinion about this.

Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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