With various cycling brands’ options all around the world, you will find yourself sometimes lost and confused, not knowing what to choose exactly, and which brand is more suitable for you in their items.

We try every time to deliver you the differences between many brands, and in today’s post, we will be focusing on one of the two remarkable cycling brands out there: SPEEDPLAY and LOOK.

We are also going to be digging into their supplementary versions, Look Keo Vs Speedplay.

Starting with a distinction between Speedplay and Look Keo pedals and cleats.

So, stick around to find out about all you need to know.

Speedplay Vs Look Keo | Let’s Find Out The Difference

The American brand, Speedplay has been adopted by the outstanding cycling brand, Wahoo.

And since then, the company became very popular with its most efficient pedals system.

The Speedplay’s pedals are created in a very unique way, they’re not like any other pedals you see elsewhere

With their lollipop-shaped pedals, they look very trendy, which will make you feel excited about bike riding with those remarkable pedals.

Here are the main factors in the Speedplay pedals: 

  • Light-weighted pedals
  • Carbon fiber in pedal’s body
  • Spindle made of Titanium
  • Dual-sided pedal

For the LOOK brand, you may combine some of their items or system names.

Look and Look Keo is not the same, they both have various characters.

So, you’re going to have to distinguish between the two.

Look Keo is being developed to have more powered float degrees in their pedals. With their coded colored cleats, you can choose which one is the perfect fit, they still have the 3 bolts cleat’s system.

The major factors in Look Keo are: 

  • Light-weighted pedals and cleats 
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Titanium spindles
  • Single-sided pedals


Here you have the main variations in Speedplay Vs Look Keo.

We would like to inform you that Look Keo is also having many other designs and shapes, such as the Look Keo blade.

So let’s know what its aspects are.

Speedplay Vs Look Keo Blade:

The Look Keo blade pedal is known for its beautiful design that is very light-weighted that gives you the ultimate high performance.

The Keo blade has spotless steel and a bearing Ceramic layer with single-sided pedals.

On the other hand, Speedplay pedals are slightly different from Look Keo blade ones, in shape, and layout, they are dual-sided and cartridge and needle bearing.

So, as we mentioned before, Speedplay and Look pedals can be different in many aspects but they still offer you the most extraordinary bike trip.

We have already talked about the Look cycling brand earlier. Feel free to check it out in our article CAN YOU USE SHIMANO SHOES WITH LOOK PEDALS ? “

Now let’s have more information about Speedplay and Look at other elements.

Speedplay Vs Look Stack Height | Let’s Know More

Speedplay Vs Look Stack Height

First of all, what is a stack height? 

A stack height: is the distance between the center of the pedal and the surface of the cleat’s point on the pedals.

So, what is the difference between Look and Speedplay stack height?

According to the Look’s site, the stack height is 13.7 mm in both pedals and cleats.

As for Speedplay, the stack height is 11.5 mm .

So, Speedplay shifted the Look system, setting the big platform and spring system in the cleat rather than the pedal.

We have mentioned earlier that Wahoo is the one that adapted Speedplay and gave it a new concept on pedal designing. So, in which way Look Keo is meeting Wahoo Speedplay?

Wahoo Speedplay Vs Look Keo | All You Got To Know

Wahoo Speedplay is making identical designs as they became the same cycling brand now. 

And for them and the Look Keo, they both give you the same results in the cycling experience.

The difference is in their : 

  • Design  : 

Lollipop shape for Speedplay, and more as a square one for Look.

  • Float

Look Keo is known for its 3 coded cleats colors that refer to different degrees. And Speedplay can be adjustable up to 15 float degrees.

  • Maintenance :

For Look, it is easier to clean your kit and pedals’ cleats, but it’s not the same for Speedplay, they are a little needier of your time.

By that, you now have an idea between the Wahoo Speedplay and Look, Keo.

But how about another Wahoo’s popular design? 

Speedplay Zero Vs Look Keo:

The Speedplay Zero pedals are coming with their stainless dual-sided bike pedal and combined cleat system that gives you the ultimate power you need in your pedals for one of a kind biking experience.

Almost the same thing goes for the Look Keo, except for the design shape. And Also it’s single-sided for the Look pedals and not dual.

Final thoughts: 

Hopefully, this has provided you with enough information about Wahoo Speedplay and Look cycling brands :  their design types, cleats, and pedals systems to decide which one would work for you better.

We would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to share your opinion with us.

Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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