As I have always been a bike cycling geek, I always go after the best equipment out there.

Otherwise, you will never get that one exceptional adventure you want to experience.

I have consistently been trying different brands and items and seeing the variation between them to choose the perfect one that will suit me the most.

In this post, we will be taking you to discover which brand would be perfect for you in their system, by saying that we mean cleat system.

The cleats system is the core of any cycling item, you have to be very careful while purchasing your shoes or pedals cleats.

Speedplay and SPD are very known out there, but many bikers still have some questions to ask about them.

Let’s dig right into Speedplay Vs SPD to figure out the answers. 

Speedplay Vs Spd Pedals | What’s The Difference?


The two brands have large differences when it comes to their style and design, but they both are responding to the same bikers’ needs in cycling.

Speedplay has been known for their unique”lollipop” shape in their pedals, which also come very stylish.

The Speedplay pedals are adjustable easily with their 0-15° float degree that will make your sole move freely, also with their incomparable stack height.

You can check out this video attached down below for a better understanding: 


The SPD system is one of a kind system that Shimano has developed years ago, and it’s a layout of clipless bicycle pedals that is combined with certain cleats, to create this magnificent powerful cycling performance.

The SPD system is created with the 2 cleats that are called the 2bolts system, that get attached to the shoes or pedals. 

This unique cleat system is only compatible with similar systems.

So you may want to be careful about the cleats type you’re buying.

Here’s a video that will help you understand better what we mean:

Therefore, even if Speedplay and SPD have 2 screw holes, their pedals are largely different in their systems.

You can also check out our article written earlier about Speedplay and the Delta system brand for more clarity: ” SPEEDPLAY VS LOOK

We hear more often about the SPD-SL, but apparently, a lot of people mix it with SPD. Let’s expose the real difference between them: 

Speedplay Vs SPD-SL | all you need to know 

Speedplay Vs SPD-SL

Let’s first break down the distinction between SPD and SPD-SL, 

The answer to that is very simple, SPD systems lay on only 2 cleats or 2 bolts.

On the other hand, SPD-SL needs to have one more cleat, so SPD-SL has a 3 bolts cleat system.

And as we have mentioned above, Speedplay has a completely different design and shape than SPD-SL.

Therefore, they can never be compatible.

Wahoo Speedplay Vs SPD-SL: 

Wahoo has been a notable cycling brand for years, and it recently has adopted the Speedplay pedals company, So, don’t get confused by the two names.

Wahoo Speedplay brand is using a slightly different technology when it comes to their pedal’s performance, with the two-sided pedals, and they make cleats look larger than the pedals.

The opposite of the SPD-SL system, which is mostly developed by the Shimano cycling brand.

They made the cleats fixed and the mechanism is in the pedals.

Let’s now have a larger idea about Speedplay and Shimano, and how they work?

Speedplay Vs Shimano | Know More

The Shimano brand has numerous options when it comes to its design, technology, and systems.

We will be talking more specifically about the cleats in this post. 

As we already know, the Shimano brand is the one that adapts the SPD and SPD-SL systems.

SPD with 2 bolts and SPD-SL with 3.

For Speedplay, they are creating their items with the 4 cleats bolts.

And they are different from Shimano’s in design, float degree, and maintenance.

But the good news is that Speedplay has developed its pedals to fit the 3 cleat bolts shoes. 

So now you have a larger option to choose from.

Speedplay pedals VS Shimano: 

The Speedplay pedals are particularly known for their smaller surface compared to their cleats, with a 3 axis that is adjusting to them, with a float degree that can go up to 15°.

You can check out the video we’re attached to in the first paragraph.

And for Shimano pedals, they have everything you need, either it’s 2 or 3 cleats bolts or adjusting the float degree as you want it.

They have their cleats smaller than the surface of the pedal, with an adjusting stack height.

Speedplay vs Shimano SPD: 

The SPD system can be a little challenging when you try to clip them in and out, unlike Speedplay, it is very convenient for them.

With the Speedplay cleats, it is easier to find compatible shoes, and the pedals are more delicate and clean in their appearance than Shimano’s.

But The Speedplay pedals can be a little more pricey and they also are not the perfect choice for the MTB.

It’s better to choose Shimano’s.

So, Speedplay pedals and Shimano pedals do not have a lot of similarities but they both work perfectly, you just have to understand your needs and then try to purchase which one is the perfect fit.

Speedplay Vs Shimano stack height: 

The Stack height is used to indicate the amount of shoe material between your foot and the ground.

Speedplay’s stack height is 11.5mm.

in regards to Shimano’s, it is 13.7mm.

Speedplay has many options and systems as we know by now, and Frog is one of them.

Let’s find out about it more in the following paragraph:

Speedplay Frog Vs Spd 

Speedplay Frog is a stainless Steel pedal, it’s a great off-road pedal system, and is excellent for road riders who prefer walkable cleats. 

The Speedplay Frog is very easy to move freely in. There is no noticeable resistance to the movement like the springs in SPD pedals.

And also there is a degree of floating but not like the one in SPD, you can still rotate your feet comfortably.

The cleat in the bottom of the shoes is slightly shorter than the one in SPD’s.

There you have it, all the differences and similarities between Speedplay and Shimano.

In this following post, we will be offering some answers related to the frequently asked questions: 

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions: 

Do any Pros use Speedplay pedals?

Yes, many pro riders use Speedplay pedals, as they can be easy for adjusting and be a great alternative to many other brands

Are Speedplay pedals better?

Speedplay brand claims that they purposely choose a more delicate system to get better performance.

What is the advantage of Speedplay pedals?

Because of their lower stack height, Speedplay is much easier in their settings.

Is Speedplay easier to clip in and out?

Because of their narrow design and convenient cleats, Speedplay is very simple and easy to clip in and out.

Is Speedplay better for the knee?

Speedplay is great for the knee, thanks to its 5 axles length that can give you a wider range for your foot placement.

Can you put Speedplay pedals on Peloton?

The simple answer is Yes, you can put Speedplay pedals in Peloton, as they have been designed to adjust the 3 bolts cleats system.

Can you put SPD pedals on Peloton?

Yes, you can put SPD pedals on Peloton, because most of their items are created to be suitable for the SPD system.

As A Result :

With their differences, Speedplay and SPD can also have a lot of similarities.

We have tried in this post to highlight these two characteristics, to help you know and choose the perfect one for you.

Once again, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, and which brand system you think you will get?

Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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