What is The Lightest Bike Shoe?

All cyclists are looking for the same thing. Who doesn’t want to have light shoes?

That’s self-explanatory; lighter shoes provide considerable advantages to cyclists, especially those who ride on the mountains and hills.

However, that’s not what you are looking for, so let us answer your question: what are the lightest bike shoes?

Therefore, please stick with us and read this whole article to get the best of it.

What Are The Lightest Mountain Bike Shoes?

The Lightest Mountain Cycling Shoes

As you may already know, there are multiple types of cycling. Therefore, you find various cycling shoes, each shoe suits a style of riding.

Specialized S-Works EXOS EVO is a lightweight mountain bike shoe, coming at only 232g per shoe for size 42; Specialized claims. It may be that EXOS EVO is the lightest off-road (mountain) shoe ever made.

Specialized lowered the weight thanks to ‘Dyneema,’ a proprietary layup. The weight saving was possible with the help of using mesh-like fabric to make the upper of the shoe.

This Dyneema does not just help with weight saving; it also improves fit and helps resist stretching. 

Being the lightest mountain bike shoe doesn’t mean the shoe quality is wack; it still comes with a BOA Li2 dial, so the fit is on point.

Specialized has optimized the toe box and heel platform, meaning they still want their customers to have that comfortable fit.

The upper shoe comes with the Specialized XC FACT carbon sole, which gives stiffness for an efficient power transfer.

We won’t do our best job if we don’t give you other lightweight mountain bike shoes to choose from.

That’s what we are going to do just now;

Shoe Name Weight Size
Specialized 2FO Roost  375g At 42
Five Ten Trailcross LT 400g At 42
Five Ten Freerider 420g At 42
Ride Concepts Helion Elite 430g At 43


What Are The Lightest Road Cycling Shoes?

The Lightest Road Cycling Shoes

We weren’t expecting this, but Specialized is the one who owns the lightest road cycling shoes, which are kind of impressive, to be honest.

Specialized S-Works EXOS comes at 150g per shoe for size 42, which is insanely light. These road cycling shoes have the lightest BOA. These shoes help you go faster; they won’t slow you down.

To give such a light shoe like this, you should give something in return. However, Specialized did just that without sacrificing the power transfer, which is also essential to cyclists.

They implemented every engineering bells and whistles they could think of, which wasn’t enough. Therefore, they used some CubicTec reinforcement and Dyneema mesh.

The carbon outsole used in this shoe was improved using some advanced form of Finite Element Analysis and pressure mapping. So the manufacturer can pull out material from places it isn’t needed.

These shoes are called ‘the lightest carbon cycling shoes and have some crazy features that help boost power. They reduce the risk of any injuries and increase efficiency. So Specialized S-Works EXOS isn’t just the lightest road shoes. They also have other advantages.

We know you are asking yourself, “Does cycling shoe weight matter?” And that you probably looked for this before even starting to read this article, so let us answer that question.

But before that, if you are still looking for information about S-Works EXOS. Check out this video;


We would like to give you some other lightweight options in case you don’t want to go with the S-Works EXOS; 

These are seven other lightest road shoes:


Shoe Name Weight Size
Shimano RC-701 245g At 42
Fizik R4B Uomo 254g At 42.5
Shimano RP1 255g At 42
Giro Apeckx 2  275g At 42.5
Specialized Torch 1.0 290g At 42
Scott Road Comp 295g At 42
Giro Savix 305g At 39

Does the Weight of Cycling Shoes Make a Difference?

The weight is significant. It makes a massive difference in performance. If you want speed, light shoes are for you. 

However, it would help if you didn’t forget the other crucial stuff, like fit, comfort, etc.


Once you have the lightest shoe for each cycling type, you can now look for the shoe and try it.

We made sure to mention the things that may make a difference about each shoe, so you have an idea about what you will get.

So make sure to tell us a little about your experience after you give them a try. And Thank you for staying with us to the end.

Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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