Are Mavic Shoes Really Worth It? | Find out the truth !

Mavic is a bicycle part company that is based in France, the land of cycling as they call it.

The name, Mavic, is an abbreviation of Manufacture d’Article Vélocipédique Idoux et Chanel. It’s french in case you don’t understand what’s written.

Let’s get back to our subject, which is Mavic shoes and more specifically answering the question; Are Mavic shoes worth it?

In this article, we will go through every detail about these shoes so by the end of the article you will have a conclusion and the answer to your questions.

Therefore, please make sure to stick with us all the way to the end. Let’s get right into it;

About Mavic

Mavic was founded by two brothers, Léon and Laurent Vielle. They first started a ‘nickel-plating’ business in 1889.

In the same year, Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel took the risk of turning the EMR, Établissement Métallurgiques du Rhône, that was founded by the two brothers, into the later created Mavic.

This company was the first to manufacture an aluminum rim in 1934 and a disc wheel in 1973. In the same year, it introduced the “neutral” support for all racing teams during cycle races.

Mavic has worked on improving so many products over the years. However, today the manufacturer’s main focus is wheels.

Are Mavic cycling shoes good?

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Mavic is known for filling the voids, which means it provides solutions for the problems that exist.

Their cycling shoes are manufactured based on the same objective. However, and without further ado, let’s have a look at the top 3 Mavic cycling shoes;

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate

This footwear is made to give you high-performance, pro-level experience with no limitations and zero compromise.

Mavic’s goal with this shoe right here is to meet the requirements of the WorldTour top pro racers out there, they have targeted the three key performance components:

Foot supportMaximum Power Transfer and last but not least Adjustability.

To achieve its goal, Mavic started with its cutting-edge Matryx material, a technology in the upper part of the shoe that features a Kevlar woven polyamide.

This lightweight material offers incredible foot stability and support with minimum lateral movement. In addition, this shoe comes with Energy Full Carbon SLR outsole which is a very stiff outsole and also a low 6.5 mm stack height.

All this combined provides an efficient pedal stroke which means there’s zero energy wasted, it is all transferred straight which gives you an outstanding power especially while climbing.

The Matryx material used in the upper of the shoe has an overlap construction that comes with a 3D tongue design, which gives a comfortable fit for all foot shapes and sizes.

The Cosmic Ultimate has two BOA Fit System IP1 dials that provide two-way micro adjustment for any fit that you feel comfortable with on those long and rough rides.

To give you a maximum ankle range of motion, they made the collar around your ankle low-profile, and they integrated a pre-shaped foam in the heel cup to keep the back of your foot safe and in place.

The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate has it all, it will help you get through every type of ride and also gives you the best experiences ever.

Mavic Cosmic BOA SPD

If you are someone who likes discovering new places, pushing your limits, seeking adventure. The Cosmic BOA SPD was made for you.

This shoe combines the efficient pedaling performance for a multi-day trek, a mixed road gravel grind, and also your daily rides through the city with its SPD cleat setup and rubber sole.

This setup provides you with better traction than the usual road cleats, it is much easier to walk with, in case you want to stop and grab a cup of coffee, or even climb the stairs.

This is a plus for me especially, it helps us, riders, enjoy every moment of the experience.

In addition, the BOA fit system allows you to have the perfect fit, by making instant micro-adjustments for maximum comfort and performance.

The upper is lightweight, breathable, it is made with supple synthetic microfiber and the laser-cut holes were strategically placed for a great ventilation.

For the toe box, it comes slightly wider for more added comfort, and the Ortholite insole provides you with a long-lasting comfort and performance.

And beyond all this, Mavic hasn’t forgotten about the power transfer, the Cosmic BOA SPD supplies you with an efficient power transfer. Thanks to the carbon and fiberglass outsole used in this shoe.

Mavic Ultimate Tri

With an innovative design and using lightweight materials, the Ultimate Tri gives real-world performance wins in all types of triathlon even.

Providing foot support, superior pedaling efficiency and a perfect fit to nail every second off your triathlon time.

The Matryx technology provides an outstanding advantage for triathletes by offering foot-mapping support and excellent breathability.

The lightweight upper, is also durable in case you’re wondering, is the perfect choice for riding without socks and the best suited for your competitive triathlete’s needs.

The key here is in its innovative weave of polyamide and Kevlar yarns, each one is coated independently, instead of adding coat to the whole upper, which helps make the shoe lighter and even more breathable.

In addition, the strategically placed vents create the perfect airflow into the shoe to keep your feet cool and also it helps the dry quickly.

The sole was made with the lightest materials, using an ultra-stiff SLR unidirectional carbon fiber, which are laid by hand and they are strategically placed to optimize the pedaling efficiency.

The Fast Strap closure makes things a lot easier and it gives you a comfortable fit and also keeps your feet secure. You can also cut the straps for your perfect need, and the Velcro under the Ortholite insole will hold it in place during transitions.

How Much Are Mavic Cycling Shoes?

If we compare their cycling shoes prices to the shoes quality, and with everything that they deliver, they will look pretty affordable for most of you.

However, let’s show you the price of these top 3 cycling shoes that we mentioned above;

Mavic Shoe Price
Cosmic Ultimate 374$
Cosmic BOA SPD 140$
Ultimate Tri 350$


You may be asking yourself right now: ‘Where to buy Mavic cycling shoes?

You can find them in their own website.

You can also find them on Amazon or in the closest cycling retail store in your city.

You basically can find them anywhere.

Let’s now move on to your frequently asked questions which are the most important thing, to give you all the information you are looking for so you don’t have to go look elsewhere for anything.

Q: Are Look Keo 2 Pedals Compatible With Mavic Shoes?

A: No, Mavic shoes aren’t really compatible with Look Keo 2 Pedals.

Q: Are Mavic Shoes SPD Compatible?

A: Yes, there are some Mavic cycling shoes that are SPD compatible like the Mavic Cosmic BOA SPD. This one is SPD Cleat standard.

Mavic cycling shoes are pretty good, deliver great power transfer, are comfortable, and also offer maximum performance which we think as it’s been mentioned above that Mavic really hit the three key performance factors with its shoes.

So if you want our opinion, we really think that Mavic cycling shoes are worth giving a try and for those who will give them a shot. We would love you to share with us your experience.

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