As we already know, the Fizik shoe brand is constantly coming up with useful designs when it comes to cycling shoes.

With its large and various options, Fizik is giving us once again this outstanding shoe design, the Fizik Tempo R5 over the curve.

The Fizik Tempo R5 over curve shoes have specific characteristics, such as their ergonomic construction and their velcro strap over the toe box, that leaves you with a very satisfying feeling on your feet.

With that being said, a lot of people have different opinions when it comes to the Tempo R5. 

So, what are the people’s reviews about the Fizik Tempo R5 over curve shoes? 

And what are their opinions about them?

FIZIK TEMPO R5 OVERCURVE REVIEW | let’s find out what riders think of it:

The fizik Tempo R5 over curve shoes are usually made with a slim and narrow design, with their strap lace in the toe box, they’re perfect to make you feel lightweight on your feet.

The shoes come in different sizes and colors, so they have a large number of options when it comes to that. 

And for the price range, Fizik Tempo R5 over curve shoes are very convenient with their mid-level price compared to the efficiency they provide.

However, you have to be aware that these shoes are made for riders with narrower feet essentially.

So you may find some customers complaining about the Tempo R5 shoe design and how they fit uncomfortably and they probably have a negative Fizik Tempo R5 over curve shoe review, but those people are most likely to have a wider feet shape, 

So it’s better to have clarity about the shoe characteristics before attempting to buy a pair.

The Fizik Tempo R5 over curve shoes are made for road activities, mountain trips, and cycling adventures.

So let’s have an idea about the Fizik road cycling R5 shoe.

FIZIK R5 ROAD CYCLING SHOE REVIEW | All you need to know: 

The Italian brand such as Fizik is only consistent in always delivering the best quality when it comes to their items.

And it has always been known for decades.

It offers this unique shoe design for the road cycle.

Fizik road cycling R5 shoes have made a positive impact on its customers and have got a lot of outstanding reviews.

Because of their distinct materials such as carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon sole, and seam-free Microtex upper that feels at ease for the feet, including the heels that make road trips much effortless, and also their Boa dial set up.

With all of these criteria, you will consider the fizik road cycling R5 shoe’s price very convenient and reasonable.

Pros:  very lightweight for the feet, high quality in materials, and very fashionable for road cycling trips.

Cons: not a perfect fit for wider feet, and the price range can not always be suitable for everyone.


As we mentioned in the first paragraph, the Fizik Tempo R5 over curve had positive reviews.

This specific shoe design is destined to reply to the different customers’ needs, so whatever you want to use the R5 over the curve in cycling, or inroads, or mountains, you are capable to do so, or even just walking on them.

You just have to make sure to get the right size and be conscious that this kind of shoe is not meant for wider feet.


The fizik Tempo R5 comes in different sizes and colors, such as: white, black, blue, grey…

Many customers have various tastes when it comes to color also, but mostly fizik brands realize that their best selling shoes are the black ones.

So, what do people think of the Tempo R5 over curved black shoes? 

With all the characteristics we have mentioned above, there is no question for fizik tempo R5 shoes not be the best selling shoes.

And according to numerous sites and Amazon specifically, the Tempo R5 black shoes are one of the top sellers.

People like those shoes more because of their rare design, and they can last for a longer time than other cycling or road shoes, and also their stylish and classy layout made them very popular.

However, it is mentioned that these shoes are specifically better for winter than summertime, it is very warm.

Pros: great product, trendy design, lasts longer, convenient material, true to the size.

Cons: not great for wider feet, can be warm in the summer.

FIZIK TEMPO OVERCURVE R5 SIZING | What size is your perfect size?

The fizik brand is popular for its true-to-the-size shoes. And Tempo R5 over the curve is not an exception.

The Fizik brand made this design with its overcurving way to give each rider a very exciting and smart performance. The shoes are very light and the over curves are very adaptive to the toe box and feet shape.

So the size is on point for the Fizik Tempo R5 over the curve. 

But keep in mind that the design is slim and works better for narrow feet. 

You can check the right size for you in our previous article: FIZIK R5 SHOE SIZE CHART

Here is a simple chart to help you choose the perfect size for you : 

Europe  USA CM
36  4 1/4  23
36,5  4 3/4  23,4
37  5 1/4  23,7
37,5  5 1/2  24
38  24,4
38,5  6 1/4  24,7
39  6 3/4  25
39,5  25,4
40  7 1/2  25,7
40,5  26
41  8 1/4  26,4
41,5  8 3/4  26,7
42  27
42,5  9 1/2  27,4
43  9 3/4  27,7 
43,5  10 1/4  28
44  10 3/4  28,4
44,5  11  28,7
45  11 1/4  29 
45,5  11 3/4  29,4
46  12 1/4  29,7
46,5  12 1/2      30 
47  13  30,5
47,5  13 1/2    31
48  13 3/4  31,5


Final thoughts: 

By getting this far, we have shown you what many bikers think of Fizik Tempo R5 and their review on them, hopefully, which will help you in your searching for Fizik shoe recommendations.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of them so far?


Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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