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To choose the right cycling shoes, you will always need to do some research.

However, you don’t always come across all the information you need to make your decision or atleast know everything you need.

In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth review of SIDI cycling shoes.

So make sure to stick with us till the end.

Where Are SIDI Cycling Shoes Made?

Where Are SIDI Cycling Shoes Made

SIDI was founded by Dino Signori in 1960. The company is one of the most prominent Italian cycling shoe manufacturers.

Dino Signori named his company after him by taking his initials. Until this day, he ensures that his customers receive the best of the best.

SIDI cycling shoes have made a name for the brand by appearing in a lot of important races, including the world championships. 

We can’t forget that it just appeared in the 2020 Giro d’Italia with the famous Tao Geoghegan Hart, who won the first place that year. 

Let’s move on to the shoes now. 

But before we do just that, here is the history of SIDI and some behind-the-scenes clips that you would like to see.

How Good are SIDI Cycling Shoes?

How Good are SIDI Cycling Shoes

SIDI cycling shoes are just on another level. You have to put them into consideration.

Their shoes are super comfortable and give you a pro-level performance. For their production, SIDI used just high-quality materials.

They are the first cycling shoes with changeable parts in case some need to be replaced.

Let’s go through the technology that SIDI uses and how you can use it.

How To Use SIDI Bike Shoes Technology?

SIDI Heel Cup System (HCS)

SIDI thought and created a mechanism that secures the top of the heel cup so it won’t slip during sprints and steep climbs. 

It is made with thermoplastic which makes it replaced and easily removed. You just have to take off the black button and then unscrew the screw.

SIDI Calliper Buckle

It is also called micrometric closure. The Caliper buckle is controlled by lifting the centreale buckle. 

If you want to completely open it, lift both sides buckles at once, and to loosen the closure a bit during the race, you will have to raise the central clip.

SIDI Soft Instep Closure System/Arch Compression Strap

  • To detach and to expand the Instep Closure System, lift piece “A” a bit, then pull to remove.
  • Put the new Instep Closure System “B” into the other two openings “C”, and then adjust as needed. 
  • If the strap is a little long, cut the extra length.

In case you still need an explanation on How to adjust SIDI cycling shoes? You can watch this video.

Ultra SL Buckle

This technology is the answer to “How to unbuckle SIDI cycling shoes?”. It enables you to lock in two different ways :

  • by clicking multiple clicks in one sweep to the lever.
  • by clicking half a click at a time to adjust it right.
  • by pressing the two red flaps at once to unlock it completely if you want to remove it or to loosen the shoe a bit in case you would like to release it.

Techno II System – T-II

For a smooth adjustment and even force distribution, the Techno II buckle employs a monofilament line and a fine-tooth ratchet, which enables a frontal micrometric closure and helps adapt the upper of the shoe so it can fit your feet perfectly. 

This system is now smaller, and it is easily changeable.

Let’s see how you can use Techno II System;

  • To release the Techno II closure, you will have to press down the unlocking button (follow the arrow’s direction) while applying a little pressure to make the shoe fit at the same time.
  • Raise the semilunar handle and spin it clockwise up till your feet are comfortable and secure.
  • Attention! Never turn the handle anticlockwise.

Adjustable Heel Retention Device

This device helps support the top of the heel cup by locking the back of the shoe securely. Tightening the top of the heel cup prevents it from slipping during steep climbs and sprints. 

It is adjustable. You just have to screw the two small screws independently.

You can learn more about SIDI technology, so you can know what makes SIDI cycling shoes unique before moving on to the following parts of this article.

What Are SIDI Sizes?

SIDI has made their cycling shoes to fit you out of the box. 

All you need to know is your feet measurements, and if you never measured your feet and you don’t know how. Here is how you can take those measurements yourself in your own home.

This size chart will help you find your size.

Now, let’s give you some information about where to buy SIDI cycling shoes before we answer some of your frequently asked questions. 

You know we can’t end any of our articles without giving you everything you are looking for.

Who Sells SIDI Cycling Shoes?

You can find SIDI bike shoes everywhere nowadays; If you are the kind of person who likes to buy online, you can visit their website or just look for what you would like on Amazon.

If you like to go to stores and try the shoes before buying them, you can find SIDI at any retail store that is close to you, especially sporting goods retailers.

Let’s get to the questions that we promised you to answer;

Are SIDI Cycling Shoes SPD Compatible?

There are two types of SIDI bike shoes out there; Road cycling shoes and Mountain bike shoes. Let’s get through each one separately;

  • SIDI Mountain Bike Shoes

All SIDI mountain bike shoes are compatible with all the 2-bolt mountain bike cleats.

  • SIDI Road Cycling Shoes

Road shoes are compatible with 3-bolt cleats. Like all Look models, Time (RXS/I-Clic/Expresso), Shimano (SPD-SL), Ritchey (Echelon), Wellgo, Campagnolo pro Fit and last but not least, Mavic cleats.

How Much Do SIDI Shoes Weight?

Each SIDI shoe has a different weight, so we can’t give you a broad answer that covers all SIDI shoes. That’s why we’ll mention the weight of some of their popular shoes separately.

Shoe’s Name Weight Size
Shot 2 616g EU 43
Wire 2 660g EU 45.5
Trace 2 392g EU 44.5
Scarpe T-5 Air 275g EU 44
Genius 10 576g EU 42.5
Sixty 556g  EU 43.5
Dominator 10 377g EU 45

Are SIDI Shoes Heavy?

There are heavy SIDI cycling shoes, and then there are lightweight ones. The average weight of the shoes ranges between 200 and 650 grams.

The fact that Some SIDI cycling shoes are heavy shouldn’t discourage you from considering all the advantages they offer.

How Long Do SIDI Cycling Shoes Last?

Obviously, we cannot answer exactly, but we can assure you that all SIDI bike shoes last longer than most other cycling shoes. I’ve been using mine for decades, so take my word for it.

This explains its somewhat high price.

How Much Are SIDI Shoes?

When you compare SIDI shoes to any other cycling shoes, you’ll notice how much they cost. It costs between 300 and 500 dollars on average, with some models costing more. 

However if you read this whole article, you will realize why they are overpriced and you will also agree that they are worth it.


This review gathers all the information that anyone can need while doing their research on a new cycling shoe.

It has everything, from who is the founder of SIDI to how long they last, and let’s not forget that we also mentioned SIDI’s technology so you don’t have to look for anything elsewhere.

We hope that you had everything you were looking for and if you still have any questions feel free to let us know.

Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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