Both of the most notable and exceptional cycling shoe brands, SHIMANO and PELOTON have vast options when it comes to every kind of cycling item.

According to many bikers, shoe cleats or pedal cleats can determine your cycling adventure, whether it’s on roads, mountains, or gravel trails.

In this post, we will be taking you with us to have some answers to your questions related to Shimano and Peloton cleats, will Shimano cleats work with Peloton, and how compatible they are when it comes to their cleats types.

so, do shimano cleats work with peloton ?| a simple answer to figure that out:

As we have mentioned in our article talking about Shimano’s cleats, you can check it out with the following title Do Shimano shoes come with cleats ? “

Shimano shoes do come with cleats and they are known for their special system that is SPD-SL.

And for Peloton, they’re adopting a more varied system than Shimano’s, that is Delta cleats that have been known with their 3 screw holes for shoe or pedal cleats.

Here, it’s very clear that Shimano cleats do not work with Peloton, as Shimano’s brand is using 2 bolts cleats design or system, unlike Peloton that have the delta cleats. 

You can only get their cleats matches by changing the Peloton’s pedal cleats to Shimano ones to fit properly.

Will Shimano SPD cleats work with Peloton? 

To answer that question, we initially need to know what is an SPD system? 

SPD is an abbreviation of Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, and it’s a system of special pedals and cleats that attach to the soles of clipless cycling shoes.

This combination of clipless pedals and cleats gives a powerful cycling performance.

So now, Will Shimano SPD cleats work with Peloton? 

We have already been informed that Peloton’s cleats are designed with Delta 3 screw holes.

But don’t worry, we have good news for you.

Recently Peloton cycling shoe brand has developed their shoes and pedals to fit the SPD-SL system that Shimano has been adapting.

Therefore, Shimano SPD cleats can work with Peloton just perfectly.




Peloton and Shimano cycling shoes have many common characteristics, they both develop cycling shoes with stiffer soles to limit flexibility and maximize power to create stability, their shoes are also very comfy and do come narrower.

With that being said, Shimano and Peloton cleats are different.

The first one is with 2 bolts cleats or with SPD.

And the second one is with 3 bolts cleats.

But they can be compatible if you switch one of the brand’s cleats to fit the other.

Do Shimano shoes work with Peloton?

It is not impossible to completely fit Shimano’s and Peloton’s cleats.

You can always change the Peloton’s pedal cleats to fit Shimano’s 2 bolts shoe cleats.

Or you can do it the other way, adjusting the Shimano’s shoe cleats to the Peloton’s pedals 3 bolt cleats.

You can check this video tutorial for a better understanding of its practice: 


Peloton shoe brand is using a common cleat system around the cycling shoe brands.

The Delta-compatible cleats are the most popular of them, so it’s not challenging to get your Peloton’s shoe or pedals cleats matching other bike shoes.

So, other bike shoes can work with Peloton.

You only have to adjust the cleats of each correctly.


As we have mentioned earlier, Peloton can go just perfectly with other bike shoes, as long as they have Delta-compatible cleats.

But that’s not the case with all of the other bike shoes, as each brand has its specific designs and tools

You only have to keep searching for the perfect brand for you to fit your Peloton’s cleats like the cycling shoe brand LOOK, which is very compatible with Peloton. 

Or just find you an adjustable way to go with any bike shoes.

To conclude everything that we have mentioned earlier, we will be answering your most common questions in the following post:

Will my cycling shoes work with Peloton?

If your cycling shoes have 3 bolts cleats, they can work perfectly with Peloton, if not, you can just adjust the right cleats to your shoes to fit Peloton’s cleats.

Do Shimano shoes fit Peloton?

Shimano shoes do not fit Peloton, because they have 2 different cleats systems.

Can I put peloton cleats on Shimano shoes?

You can only put Peloton cleats on Shimano shoes when you adjust the Peloton’s cleats to fit the 2 bolts cleats in Shimano’s.

Will any cycling shoes work with Peloton?

Many cycling shoes can go along with Peloton, the perfect one is the LOOK brand. If you can not find one, just try to adapt your cleats to fit Peloton.



At the end of this post, you will find yourself carrying a sufficient amount of information about what cleats go along with Peloton perfectly.

We hope that we have answered your questions about which cleats you need to match your pedals or shoe cleats for an amazing cycling journey.

Let us know what you think, and what recommendations you have for bike pedals or shoe cleats?

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