Shimano VS SIDI Shoes ( Complete Comparison )

When looking for cycling shoes, You will get around a lot of brands that compete with each other.

However, you can’t really know where to choose from if you lack information.

Because there isn’t much difference between all these brands, they all deliver the same qualities. Although, you may still notice some dissimilarities that influence your choice.

Therefore, we came up with the two most popular cycling shoe brands in the market; SIDI and Shimano.

We made a Detailed comparison between them “Shimano VS SIDI Shoes “, who do you think will be the winner?

About Shimano 

Shimano was founded by Shozaburo Shimano in Japan. In 1951, two companies merged and created Shimano Industrial Company which sells cycling pieces and fishing and rowing equipment.

However, the company didn’t enter the cycling shoe market until 1990, when it revealed its M100 shoe with M737 pedal for off-road cycling.

Today, Shimano’s shoe list has more than 50 different shoes that suit almost all cycling types. 


About SIDI

Dino Signori founded SIDI in Italy in 1960. we can’t say SIDI without mentioning that their shoes appeared in the world championships.

SIDI is one of the leading companies in the market. Thanks to their quality products that helped them achieve all this success.

However, let’s compare their cycling shoes and see which brand deserves the crown. 


Shimano Vs SIDI Shoe | Comprehensive comparison

The first thing we need to do is find out the size of their shoes:

Shimano VS SIDI Shoe Sizing

Before we show you both their size chart, it is our responsibility to let you know that when it comes to the shoe size.

SIDI makes their cycling shoes to fit anyone who bought the right size for them out of the box. So you don’t have to worry about the SIDI sizing. 

Just take a look at their shoe size chart then buy the right size for you.

In case you don’t know your shoe measurement and you don’t really have time to measure them in a shoe store, It is easy for you to measure them at home

However, Shimano shoes run a little small like almost all other cycling shoes in the market.

Check out this article for more information: DO SHIMANO SHOES RUN SMALL?

You can Take a look at their shoe size charts: Shimano shoe size chart

And here, you will find SIDI’s size chart

Once you know about both shoe sizing and you have their size charts. All you need now is to see how their shoes are head to head.

However, before that, we can’t move on without talking about their wide fits for those of you who have wide feet.

SIDI VS Shimano Wide

As we stated before in this article, SIDI cycling shoes are manufactured to fit you directly out of the box, and this goes on to even their ‘Mega’ fit, which is the wider fit.

So comparing this to Shimano wide fit means only one thing. With Shimano shoes, even for the wide fit, you will surely have to go up a size or at least half a size.

SIDI VS Shimano Weight

Let’s mention some of both companies’ shoes and their weight so you can see it all in just one place.

SIDI Shoes Weight Shimano Shoes  Weight
SIDI Tiger 408g XC9 395g
Genius 10 313g RC5 490g
Wire 2 342g RC7 541g
Shot 2 600g RC9 534g
Sixty 245g S-Phyre 538g

SIDI VS Shimano Price

Let’s see the prices of the five popular shoes of these two brands;

SIDI Shoes  Price Shimano Shoes Price
SIDI Tiger 580$ XC9 425$
Genius 10 180$ RC5 140$
Wire 2 260$  RC7 225$
Shot 2 290$ RC9 430$
Sixty 230$ S-Phyre 425$

Allow us now to get through SIDI vs Shimano mountain bike shoes, so you can know a little more about each brand’s shoes. 

Therefore, it will get easier for you to choose which one you prefer.

However, before we do so, we need to talk about these shoe compatibility so you will have it all after reading this article.

SIDI VS Shimano Cleats Compatibility 

SIDI Shoes Cleats Compatibility Shimano Shoes Cleats Compatibility
SIDI Tiger 2-bolt XC9 2-bolt
Genius 10 3-bolt RC5 3-bolt
Wire 2 3-bolt RC7 3-bolt
Shot 2 3-bolt RC9 3-bolt
Sixty 3-bolt S-Phyre 3-bolt


SIDI Tiger VS Shimano XC9

Putting these two head to head is so interesting; These two shoes sit at the top of their relative ranges and have a price tag that matches their features.

  • SIDI Tiger

These shoes are surprisingly lighter than what we are used to in SIDI, coming in at 406g for a 45 with Shimano cleats which is kind of impressive.

The sole has a stiff carbon and comes with a narrow toe box, and has no arch support. However, the shoes still feel good and comfortable on the feet.

And like it is known about SIDI, SIDI Tiger fits perfectly on the first try. So we can’t really talk about the fit because you won’t get disappointed after picking the right size.

In this model, SIDI changed the upper a little. They moved the wire retention system to the tongue of the shoes because this allows the shoes to fit even better, and it also protects the buckles.

Let’s now learn about the performance of the shoe;

  • Performance

Tiger is pretty comfortable. The heel cup is completely secured, which gives you the pro-level performance that you already expect from SIDI.

And as always, all the parts on SIDI Tiger are replaceable. This means that you don’t have to think about changing them ever because they will last you forever.

This explains the price tag and makes them worth 580 dollars.

  • Shimano XC9

Compared to SIDI, Shimano XC9 comes in a little lighter; they weigh 401g in 45 with cleats and cost 425$. 

They started using Boa dial instead of the old straps and buckles. They fit well, and they have a bigger toe box.

Unlike the SIDI, Shimano XC9 has arch support in the sole, and they also made it adjustable with rubber inserts so the heel won’t slip. Thanks to the protection that Shimano provided around the midsole.

With this shoe, you will also get cat tongue style fabric all around the inside of the heel cup. 

And just like SIDI, the sole is produced from carbon and is still hard as needed, and we can’t forget that Shimano has collaborated with Michelin to give you a soft low rubber tread for the sole, which makes XC9 good also for running and hiking too.

  • Performance

Once you put them on, you will feel their insane comfort, and they also fit perfectly.

Their height felt a little lower than SIDI’s. However, this gives you a more connected sense to the pedals, but they don’t feel as secure about the heel cup.

Considering the cost of the shoes, you will want to use them for a long time, but with that heel tread. They won’t last that long.

Let’s now do some SIDI vs Shimano road shoes;

Shimano RC7 VS SIDI Genius 10

We will start with Shimano RC7 this time;

  • Shimano RC7

According to Cyclingweekly, this pair has been selected for an Editor’s Choice award in 2020.

At 225$, Shimano RC7, unlike most cycling shoes, comes with a lot of room for those of you who have big feet, don’t worry, your toes will be comfortable in them.

They used two Boa L6 dials. The L6 step on the Boa ladder gives you a gradual tightening by a clockwise turning mechanism, and if you want to loosen the dial, just pull; it releases all the way.

With this model, Shimano has supplied you with a full carbon sole. The sole is perfect, which gives you an amazing power transfer while pedaling.

They also come with a Dynalast insole that puts your feet in an adjustable position for efficient movement.

  • SIDI Genius 10

These shoes have the Techno-3 System that creates an adaptable closure over your whole foot’s length. 

Their upper is made with Microfiber Microtech that is supportive and light too.

They also have the Soft Instep 4 technology that prevents your foot from getting numb with perforations and mesh panels that boosts breathability, so say bye to the hot feet.

And let’s not forget about carbon that combines 20 soles to provide you with absolute stiff support while pedaling and also the heel cup to keep your feet secured in place.

SIDI Wire 2 VS Shimano RC9

Let’s start with Shimano RC9 this time;

  • Shimano RC9

These shoes are made for the big efforts and the hard times, they have a stiff sole that keeps your feet fixed, so you don’t have to worry about any foot pain or some vibration getting transferred to your feet.

Like the previous Shimano shoe that we just mentioned earlier, this too uses the Boa dials, and to be exact, they have the Boa Li2 dials. They have great adjustment.

The adjustability is double-gated, letting you tighten the dials and also release them when needed.

They come with a new heel cup which gives you a tighter fit. The fit changed drastically with the new heel cup and also the change from the cat’s tongue stuff to two rubberized seats sitting on each side of the Achilles tendon.

  • SIDI Wire 2

Like its competitor, SIDI Wire 2 has a very stiff full carbon sole that gives you an excellent power transfer from the pedal to the stroke while also being comfortable while riding.

They have a closure system that is easily adjustable. However, they are a little expensive, you will find them at 395$, and they aren’t light either, being 646g for each pair of 44.5.

The SIDI Wire 2 has a new microfibre upper with great textured areas that give them an amazingly interesting look.

Let’s not talk about looks and mention SIDI’s own Techno dials system that SIDI has been using since 1988. To tighten or loosen your shoes, all you need to do is push the red button so the lever pops up.

This model also strengthened its heel cup and made it adjustable, but you’re going to have some difficulties finding a small screwdriver that fits in.

Shimano S-Phyre VS SIDI Shot 2

We will begin with Shimano S-Phyre; so let’s get right into it;

  • Shimano S-Phyre

The Shimano S-Phyre delivers it all; you will get everything you were looking for in a top-level bike shoe.

They have a stiff carbon sole that has adjustable cleat bolt holes in case you want a wide range of cleat positional, which is helpful if you like to adjust your cleat position forward and backwards.

The heel retention is excellent in these shoes. There are pierced silicone grippers connected to the inside of the heel box, and that helps your feet stay in place during the upstroke part of pedaling.

And let’s not forget that these fit comfortably, not as we used to, but they are still comfortable, and the wide shoes are larger in the toe box, even having wide feet won’t be a problem with these shoes and also have a big range of sizes with two wide options. 

The weight here is not something you will worry about, they are at 538g for a pair of 45, so it is kind of good and with all this. They go for 425$, not that bad, to be honest.

  • SIDI Shot 2

The Italian brand has done an amazing job with these SIDI Shot 2. They completely redesigned the shoe compared to their last version.

They enhanced the dial system that put in some pressure evenly around the top and the lower part of your feet, and with the supportive heel cup, together, they give you that perfect fit.

The toe box is a little smaller; if you like having some more room for your toes, you might want to consider sizing up.

The sole is completely new; the C-Boost SRS carbon sole has been planned to be great in the metatarsal area to increase the power transmission, which is supportive when you are giving it your all.

They also used a pretty good closure system in these shoes. The Techno-3 Push Flex. It is designed to suit your feet’ shape and get rid of any pressure areas.

Before we conclude this article and give you who is the winner between these two, we would like to first tell you if SIDI is a good brand because unexpectedly, there are still some people who have never tried SIDI shoes before.

Is SIDI a Good Brand?

SIDI is an amazing Italian brand; it is one of the greatest cycling shoe companies in the market.

Their cycling shoes are on a whole other level; we do recommend them very often to our friends and family who are beginner cyclists or even those who have been cycling for so long but haven’t tried them.


In this article, we tried to give you the information you may need about both brands while also listing some of their most popular shoes for mountain bikes and for road cycling too.

Now, Maybe you’re wondering, “Why Shimano?

For us, Shimano has some great cycling shoes with some amazing features. However, SIDI, too, has its own features that may look better to some of you. 

Jack is from Spain, and he’s not just a cyclist geek, the most unforgettable adventures for him are the ones he used to have with his father in cycling and digging into the most challenging road and mountain trips, and they still do until now.

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